The Heat is On: Best Summer Wedding Cooldown Ideas

When summer comes swinging in, it’s all go for the wedding industry. But when the temperatures rise, how do you beat the heat and keep your wedding guests cool? With the help of some ingenious summer wedding cooldown ideas, of course…

Frosé Popsicles

“Everyone knows that rosé is the first sign of summer”

Pop ice + prosecco? It’s genius, right?

So thought Harry Clarke and James Rae, who created the first-ever prosecco ice pop and went on to found luxury ice pop brand POPS. But what’s this? Something new’s come to town: the frozen rosé popsicle.


“Everyone knows that rosé is the first sign of summer,” says Harry. “When we saw people trying out their own Frosé creations last year, we couldn’t resist making our own!” And voila, the Frosé popsicle was born.

What’s inside this glorious creation? Half a glass of rosé blended with raspberries! It contains just 30 calories and – along with its newly launched friends, the Watermelon Martini and the alcohol-free Chilly Mango – it’s the perfect cool me down and pick me up for hot wedding guests.

Thirst Quenchers

Serve drinks with plenty of ice – and make your icecubes a talking point so your guests keep coming back for more.

How about shark fin icecubes for kids – big and small; moustaches, stars or cubes of frozen berries in a jug of water or juice, served with a sprinkling of mint.

Moustache Ice Tray, £3.17 via the Creative Mould Shop on Etsy

Shark Fin ice tray, £3.17 via the Creative Mould Shop on Etsy

Star ice tray, £3.17 via the Creative Mould Shop on Etsy

Serve a selection of soft drinks at special guest stations. Personalised water bottles in a tub of ice, for example, and a selection of chilled soft drinks served from Kilner dispensers, will offer welcome relief.

Lashings of lemonade, image via Pinterest

Personalised Water Bottles in a tub of ice.

Creatives like Bliss Paper Boutique on Etsy can personalise your labels.

Personal Fan Zone

Give your guests fans so they can cool themselves down whenever they need. Place one on each seat at the ceremony, present them on a tray, and customise them with an order of the day or personal wedding message.

Wedding Programme Fans, downloadable template £6.19 by MarryMakings on Etsy

Paper wedding fans, personalised with your names or message on the arm, £2.50, by In Between The Kids on Etsy

DIY Face Mists

Yes, make your own, distribute to your guests and they’ll think you’re the best hosts ever.

You can buy bottles and essential oils online, like the one showed from DIY Bath Body on Etsy, and just add your DIY face mist. A great DIY face mist recipe on

Sun Savvy Stations

Place staked garden hooks around the lawn and suspend an authentically rustic bucket to each, filled with some decent bottles of sun screen. Offer a choice of factors, too – 15, 30 and 50 will suit everyone. You could also order some custom wet wipes, too.

Ice Cream Treats on a Bike

Have icecream at the ready, cool-as-a-cucumber prosecco, and sorbets, too.

My Magical Moments hires out icecream tricycles with over 25 flavours of scrummilicious Italian ice cream and an assortment of toppings; a Prosecco Tricycle called ‘Fizzi’ too, which serves perfectly chilled prosecco and prosecco sorbet floats.

“We can adapt any drinks to your liking,” says owner, Collette Parker, ” just ask us. The biggest perk is the photo opportunities: couples can use the tricycle for those all important photos to capture the fun factor. This always gets couples excited, they can even serve guests themselves!”

Portable Shade

Go mobile with the shade: fill a basket with these brilliant sun-beating brollies and invite your guests to take their pick and make their own shade. Be sure to choose coloured or subtly decorated parasols that complement your wedding colour scheme.

Cotton Lace Parasols, £37.99 by Bespoke Vintage Castle on Etsy

Plain Coloured Paper Wedding Parasols, £5.56 by Wedding Parasols on Etsy.

Hand Painted White Waterproof Parasol, £38.91, by Holy Cow Products on Etsy.

Colourful Sunglasses

Fun and cheap, offer up some colourful or personalised sunglasses to help protect your guests’ eyes from the sun. Invite them to choose their own by attaching a witty message to your sunglasses presentation tray like ‘Don’t be Dazzled by our Love’. Plus, with everyone wearing them, it’ll make for a great photo opportunity!

Sunglasses on a tray, image via

Bride Tribe Sunglasses, £5.52 by the Glass Heart Co on Etsy

Space to Splash

Make space for guests to splash around. Weddings paddling pools are perfect for your littler guests and great for older ones to dip their toes into. Have two – one for the children, and one surrounded by deckchairs, for older guests to dip their toes in and enjoy.

This paddling pool is available on Amazon.

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