Ice Cold Cool: Champagne Pops

Ice Cold Cool – the low-calorie champagne lollies (push-up ice pops) that are sending luxury-lovers all a-quiver… 


When Tom Lorimer started going to more and more weddings, he noticed a distinct need for something to cool guests down, quench their celebratory thirsts and appeal to the style of the day. His solution? Ice Pops. But not any old lolly, Tom’s ice pops are low-calorie champagne push-up pops in packaging so slick they’d make a couture-lover blush. We caught up with him at the Langham Hotel’s wedding showcase, and sampled his ingenious ices.


I started freezing champagne in 2014 – my school friend (now business partner) and I had been holidaying abroad and noticed a gap in the market for a contemporary, unique and fun concept that could keep you cool. We came up with a vision to incorporate the nostalgia of a popsicle with the luxury attributes associated with champagne, the world’s first champagne ice popsicle, CLASSIC, was born.

We launched with four really good flavours; two alcoholic popsicles – Classic (champagne), and Bellini (Prosecco and peach) – and two non-alcoholic options – strawberry and mint, and apple and elderflower. We wanted flavours that would maintain the premium quality of our brand. Watch this space for new ones launching soon!

There is nothing on the market like us. We are a photogenic and fun alternative to a glass of Champagne. They keep you cool and taste delicious! We also have products for everyone, including our alcohol-free versions.

Our service is fun! We provide a tailored, personal, but fun service to each different couple. Making sure we work closely with them, so that POPS are perfect on their special day!

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I don’t have favourites – I love them all, as each one offers something different. I often have one in the afternoon after my lunch! We never compromise on quality and each one tastes as good as the last.

The Ivy, the Palladium and Fortnum & Mason all stock We Are Pops, in fact, we are stocked in some of the most premium venues in London. supplies our pops nationwide.

If there was one piece of advice I could give to couples getting married it would be to be fun and be different – stand out from the masses! This is your special day, so make every aspect memorable!

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The first thing I’d pack for a honeymoon would be my finest paisley shirt!

…and the last thing I’d pack would be a cooler bag full of POPS ;-)

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Kate Lovell
Author: Kate Lovell

Our very first writer for The Gay Wedding Guide with over 300 articles written. Unfortunately, she no longer writes for us as she left to focus on other copywriting and projects but she'll always have a dedicated place in our hearts here at The Gay Wedding Guide.

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