The Coolest Wedding Photo Booths

Photo booths have snapped their way happy into our growing list of DIY wedding essentials but have you thought of 3D wedding photos, green-screening or more? Take a look at some of the coolest photo booths…

Your wedding day is an amazing blur of joyful moments and great photos help you remember all of the sweet and silly moments that make it so special.

While, of course, you’ll want to get all of those classic shots of family and friends, it’s also important to take some time to get wedding pictures that really capture your personality.

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Photo booths have snapped their way happy into our growing list of DIY wedding essentials and as the trend for capturing moments of spontaneous frivolity on film continues, we look at few of the best photo booth providers available and some of the most creative (and fun) wedding party photo ideas to help inspire your wedding day shot list.

The Photo Emporium: Props & Posing With Panache

There are lots of providers offering wedding photo booth hire in the UK, and one of our favourites is The Photo Emporium.

Themed to match your wedding, it offers everything from a traditional ‘single’ booth to a truly boutique booth housed in an airstream van.

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It comes complete with props and a good selection of backdrops, and photos can even be ‘branded’ with your name and date of your wedding.


Photo Emporium photo booths are completely unique, says spokesperson, Annabelle:

“They are designed and built in-house. The photos are taken using the highest quality photography equipment and we pride ourselves on the image quality that we provide.” 

Annabelle, Photo Emporium

The Essentials

Perfect for: weddings with a party vibe
Hire cost: from £695 for four hours
Details:, 020 8761 3500

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Foto Noir: Inimitably Suave Snaps

We came across Foto Noir at a book launch a few months ago and immediately fell for its sophisticated and artistic appeal.

It’s a simple idea but the results are deliciously elegant.

“The idea came after I tried reimaging a vintage photo booth for weddings.”

Mark, Foto Noir

Mark, who founded Foto Noir, says that the idea came to him in 2012 after he visited a music shop with a retro photo booth in it:

“I tried to reimagine the photo booth for weddings and luxury events – at that time all the photobooths I knew were enclosed “cupboards” you climbed into, hence the open-style of Foto Noir.” 

Foto Noir is an ‘open’ booth, meaning it is not in an enclosed space, which encourages guest interaction.

To take a photo, guests simply sit in front of the vintage-style camera (which looks a little bit like the old fashioned seaside coin-operated binoculars), press the control button, and voila, a series of four black and white photos are taken.

Ten minutes later, they’re printed out and displayed on a free-standing board for everyone at the wedding to see and enjoy.No props, but just as much fun, flattering and beautifully glamorous.

The Essentials

Perfect for: Vintage weddings, art lovers and those seeking something classy but fun
Hire cost: from £650 for three hours (weekdays) £750 for three hours (weekends)

The Flash Pack

Snazzy backdrops, quirky booth designs and even 360 set up that can capture you in awesome 3D, The Flash Pack is well worth looking at if you’re after something super cool to wow your guests.


Booths range from the Mod – the free-standing open booth; the Retro, and the Vintage – a booth with a studio-set up feel. You can customise the booths and props to suit your theme, have animated gif shots, custom lightboxes, the 100-camera 3D experience, or a 10-camera 3D freeze shot.

“Creating the most amazing photo experience for your wedding has to be all about you – and so personalisation is an essential part of our service,”

“Try our online Booth Styler to help you visualise exactly what your set will look like on the day. Choose your booth, backdrop and props and see the booth change before your very eyes!”

Flash Pack spokesman

The Essentials

Perfect for: Vintage weddings, art lovers and those seeking something classy but fun
Hire cost: from £695

Shoot Systems

We came across the ‘Ultimate Photo Booth from Shoot Systems’ at The Langham Wedding Showcase and were really impressed – mostly because it gives you a unique QR code to access your pics on your phone straight away, but also because it documents the whole booth experience.


“What is the best part of a wedding photo booth?”

“Frantically getting ready for the shot. But all photo booths just give you the posed photos, missing the best bits. The Ultimate Photo Booth captures everything!”

says Dave, a spokesperson for Shoot Systems.

This totally unique, integrated photo and video experience captures your guests preparing for the posed-for shot along with taking a fantastic preparatory photo.

Photos and videos are instantly available to guests, who are given their own QR code card before the shoot begins.

Plus you get a printout for everyone. Nifty!

The Essentials

Perfect for: Weddings where the personal touch and involvement is important
Hire cost: from £bespoke

Final Words

Weddings are magical and romantic, and also a great opportunity for so many creative (and fun) photo ops.

When choosing the different types of shots you’d like to get for your wedding, think of what truly reflects your own unique style.

After all, it’s the moments that feel the most “you” that will take photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Discover more photography trends and tips.

Kate Lovell
Author: Kate Lovell

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