Creating Atmospheric Wedding Venue Lighting

When planning a wedding reception, bespoke wedding venue lighting will help you achieve the atmosphere of your dreams. Celebrity wedding planner, Liz Taylor, lets us in to a few trade secrets…

When planning a wedding reception, bespoke wedding venue lighting will help you achieve the atmosphere of your dreams. Celebrity wedding planner, Liz Taylor of the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), lets us in to a few trade secrets…

Liz Taylor “Individuality is key…lighting can change the vibe of a room in a second.”If your guests remember nothing else about your reception, they will talk about the atmosphere and how it made them feel. Creating the right atmosphere is key to guests’ enjoyment, but many couples overlook it because they don’t think atmosphere can be planned in advance.

But, as seasoned event organisers know, lighting can change the vibe of a room in a second.

Liz Taylor, director of events company Taylor Lynn Corporation, has been organising weddings for the rich and famous for more than 30 years and always chooses to use bespoke lighting whatever the venue or event.

So, what should we be thinking about when choosing lighting?“If you get the lighting right people will talk about the great atmosphere or spectacular venue,” says Liz. “But get it wrong and see how quickly the mood can change.”

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“The choice of lighting should be driven by the venue,” Liz explains. “There is no one-size fits all. Individuality is key.”

Liz, whose celebrity clients include Coronation Street’s Antony Cotton and ‘Take That’ stars Gary Barlow and Howard Donald, suggests using lighting to make the best of unusual architectural features, such as wood paneling, sculptures or open brick walls, by using lighting to draw attention to them in a subtle way.

“The secret to good lighting is enhancement and creativity,” Liz adds, “Even if you are in a standard-shaped room with no features to highlight, up-lighting can instantly give a plain wall and ceiling a vibrant feel by bathing it in a wash of colour. You can also create your own focal points by building lit pedestals at various points around the room. Or use lighting as a theatrical prop– the name of the happy couple in lights always looks great.”

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For centuries candles have been the romantic lighting of choice. Liz gives this timeless classic a modern twist by making the most of the wide-range of candles and candle holders now available – everything from vintage tea cups to oversized candelabra – there is a wealth of colourful and fun holders that make your candles a really creative part of the room décor. Positioning lights at different heights, such as lighting walkways, tables and mirrors, can be a great way to create intimacy too. And Liz achieves this to dramatic effect by mixing and matching chunky candles in storm jars with dozens of tea-lights in holders of different colours, textures and designs. The eclectic blend is actually crucial to the design.

For full theatrical effect Liz says the real game changer in recent years is intelligent or automated lighting, which uses laser effects, moving lights, changing colours and projected patterns, to create theatrical stage-effects. Liz also stresses the importance of the outside of a venue too, where lighting can create a unique welcome to the wedding day.

“It’s easy to be dazzled by technology, but intelligent lighting is the clever option for anyone wanting to give their wedding reception the wow factor,” says Liz, whose attention to detail was praised by viewers of Channel 4’s Millionaire Party Planner.

Using the latest technology, lighting can be programmed to adapt as the evening develops. Lighting has now become a full scale production that develops atmosphere and the pace of a wedding party.“We’re used to DJs influencing the tempo of a party with their choice of music,” says Liz, “Now with new technology, you can also use lighting to lift the mood on the dance-floor, taking your wedding party to another level.”

TLC In a Nutshell

Liz Taylor has more than 30 years experience in event planning and set up TLC Ltd over 20 years ago. Headquartered in Manchester, it has grown to become one of the leading event organisers in the UK and now works right across Europe planning and curating luxury weddings, corporate event management, product launches and parties. Find out more about TLC at

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