Experts at Work: Scottish Gay Wedding Theme

Catrina Duthie of Fin Flükra wedding planning talks us through the concepts behind this Scottish themed wedding shoot.

“Ask any couple from Scotland about their wedding day and the majority will have incorporated some element of their heritage into the big day. Some will embrace with gusto the traditional Scottish pastimes, symbolism and conventions while others will be content with subtle nods and gestures. This visible sense of pride in tradition extends beyond those born in Scotland and often attracts those from outside the country who wish to connect with distant familial links or simply are caught up in the Celtic beauty and romance of a Scottish themed wedding. The sound of your piper greeting the first guests, the chink of the toastmaster’s whisky glass or the joyous chaos of a Ceilidh in full swing are just a sample of the delights that draw people to Scotland. It comes as no surprise that Scotland is one of the top places to say “I do” for many interested in a destination wedding.

“Unlike the rest of the UK you can get married in Scotland, anywhere at anytime… There’s no need to do the legal bit at a registry office – if you can find a celebrant who will marry you at sunrise on the top of Ben Nevis, then you can do it. If you fancy getting married at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve – or ‘Hogmanay’, as we call it in Scotland – then that’s fine too. Humanist weddings are also fully legal here in Scotland.

“Through this shoot, I wanted to showcase a taster of what a Scottish wedding can offer. The venue, The Trades Hall in Glasgow, holds great significance because it was where Scotland’s first gay wedding took place. It’s a bit of a hidden gem in Glasgow, offering all the grandeur and opulence of a stately home but in a city centre location. Plus, it has its very own balcony for couples looking to recreate a ‘royal wedding’ moment of their own!

“A Scottish wedding theme is fairly straightforward to put together – and the beauty of it is that you can be as full on or a subtle as you like. If you want to whole heartedly embrace the theme then go all out with kilted attire or tartan wedding dresses, thistle buttonholes or bouquets with a tartan flourish.

Tartan’s fairly versatile and because the choice of colours is so vast, you won’t struggle to find a colour scheme that will work for you. In fact, the popularity of the kilt has inspired a whole range of modern contemporary tartans with sophisticated shades of grey, or even leather for the more adventurous! Whatever tartan you do choose, its colour-base can act as the palette for your wedding reception and venue decor.

“That said, a ‘classic’ Scottish theme could mainly consist of purples, greens or striking reds; and if more of your party are planning to wear tartans, you should feel free to mix the colours up to create your vision. Just be careful not to get too carried away and detract from the colour scheme that you want to pull together.

“Your chosen colours can feature from the front of your invite through the wedding party’s flowers and even the floral garnishing of desert. If your Scottish wedding is a lively party (and a lot are!) then never be afraid to add your sense of humour throughout starting with your Save the Date notifications.

“To create a luxury feel, look to create a concept that will be subtlety woven into the tone of the wedding from the ‘save the dates’ through to the ‘thank you’ cards. It’s then a matter of presenting this vision to a selected group of experienced and incredibly talented suppliers who can bring this vision to life with their quality, passion and craftsmanship. If everyone is working from the same vision but adding their own touches of style and finesse, the results look harmonious yet bespoke.

“In some cases less is more, for example if you walk into any of Scotland’s top hotels you are left in no doubt that you’re in a Scottish hotel, but it’s done with a distinct air of refinement. The same is true for your wedding theme. For your guests, the discovery that the subtle colours and style of a motif or image on your invitations carries throughout your celebration can have a real ‘wow’ factor. The devil is in the detail with the smallest bespoke features sometimes offering far more impact than a grand crystal chandelier tree or floral centrepiece.

“It’s easy to go over the top and spoil the effect, so the key to a sophisticated, luxurious wedding theme relies on two factors; the quality and professionalism of your suppliers and the couple having a clear and collaborative vision of their wedding’s design. A wedding overloaded with too many different styles can seem conflicted, busy and a bit chaotic. This is fantastic if your want a real knees up but can detract from the theme if you are aiming for a feeling of elegance, luxury and sophistication. For each stage of the day, plan a key design element to anchor the style and the build around this centrepiece, ensuring that all your suppliers are clear on the vision from the outset and working in harmony with your look and feel.

“Achieving the perfect balance can be tricky, particularly if you focus styling on one area more than others. You want your ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception to flow seamlessly and be united through their styling, so don’t pack one part of the day full of intricate details as it may lessen the overall impact against the bigger elements you’ve included and make other sections appear sparse. Instead, spread the love! Ensure each part of your wedding day incorporates the theme in a way that complements the overall look and feel you want to achieve.

“And, as one final luxury touch, have something made bespoke – it could be a personalised motif on your stationery, a signature cocktail, your wedding rings or even your own tartan, but whatever it is, it will be unique to your day and something you can always remember. The only limit here is your imagination; combining it with a Scottish theme will make it truly stunning.

Credits and Details

Fin Flükra helps couples create a one-off celebration which they will remember for the rest of their lives. She feels that it is an honour to be part of their wedding journey and enjoys being able to help take the burden and stress away from the planning. Find out more about Cat or get in touch direct.

This was a styled wedding shoot using models (rather than a real couple). Those involved with the shoot included:

Planner/Stylist – Fin Flükra
Venue – Trades Hall, Glasgow
Photography – Fotomaki Photography
Flowers – The Floral Design Boutique
Cake – Rosewood Cakes
Stationery – Caledonian Cowgirl
Table linen, chair covers and sashes – Dress My Venue
Outfits – Houston Kiltmakers
Makeup – Adam Winning Makeup Artist
Models – Stephen Duncan and Adam Winning

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