Flower Power: Why Statement Flowers Are The Latest Must Have

Flowers are always near the top of the list for any wedding planner. But whilst boutonnieres and decorative wedding flowers usually hold more of low key role compared with traditional bridal bouquets, all that’s about to change. No longer are flowers simply a pretty addition to brighten a table or room. Now, florists are pushing new boundaries with striking and innovative displays that demand attention.

We asked celebrity wedding planner Liz Taylor of Taylor Lynn Corporation, whose eye-catching floral designs are taking wedding flowers into a new theatrical realm, why statement flowers are the new thing.

“It’s all about drama,’ says Liz. ‘Rethink traditional table centres and make your flowers a dramatic statement piece. If you want the romance of sitting around a tree in full blossom, you can have it.”

Liz’s jaw-dropping work has earned her a client list that includes big names such as Gary Barlow, Anthony Cotton, Eammon Holmes, Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright.

But seeing is believing when it comes to some of Liz’s more dramatic creations. in 2015, she mimicked a country garden feel indoors by taking a huge artificial tree and placing it in the centre of a marquee, before magically wrapping and dressing it in fresh flowers to create an explosion of colour and fresh scent that spread right across the ceiling and through the marquee.


A similarly spectacular effect can be created by weaving fresh flowers and foliage in large metal chandeliers which are suspended above tables and hold lit candles for dramatic effect.


“It’s theatrical,” says Liz, “The trend is for floral installations rather than arrangements. They grab your attention like a work of art. We weave flowers into huge stage sets of props, such as for a wedding which was a ‘dark’ take on Alice in Wonderland, or use single stem flowers in delicately crafted displays of eclectic, vintage jars, bottles and candle holders for a colourful table display.

“A recent client asked for an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding,” she says, “I had a maze built as a curious way for guests to enter the reception. Decorating the walkway with colourful trees complete with spring blossoms and a host of curious coloured flowers is an opportunity to whet guests’ appetites for the wonder of what is to come.

“It’s all about the drama.” “We also recently planned an urban wedding with a New York loft/warehouse design and installed huge metal frames above the tables as a nod to the industrial feel, but entwined we gorgeous bronze, cream and orange flowers – totally on trend for 2016.” Liz Taylor, Taylor Lynn Corporation

If you’ve been watching Channel 4’s Millionaire Party Planner you will have seen another of Liz’s amazing inspirations: mannequins dressed in floral running clothes (in tribute to her fitness-mad client) holding fluorescently-lit waist trays which served as funky food stations.

“That was a fun design,’ says Liz, ‘for that particularly party we used running clothes, but you could create bride and groom mannequins dressed in gorgeous floral blooms. Options are endless.”

That’s a photo opportunity we’d love to see, but are flowers really that versatile?

“We’re merging the beauty of nature with the world of romantic dreams.” Liz Taylor, Taylor Lynn Corporation

“The trend for 2016 is proving that flowers are an incredibly versatile decoration,’ Liz adds. ‘Roses are a great example. For couples who want to use a romantic flower but don’t want to be restricted by traditional colours, roses can be dipped in wax and sprayed to any colour you choose.

“This trend in statement flowers would at one time have been considered mere fantasy. We’re merging the beauty of nature with the world of romantic dreams.”

About Liz and TLC

Liz Taylor has more than 30 years experience in event planning and set up TLC Ltd over 20 years ago. Headquartered in Manchester, it has grown to become one of the leading event organisers in the UK and now works right across Europe planning and curating luxury weddings, corporate event management, product launches and parties. Find out more about TLC at tlc-ltd.co.uk.

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