From the Experts: LGBT Weddings in Denmark

A couple during their same sex wedding in Denmark by the Great Cathedeal.
A romantic destination wedding by the Great Cathedral, facing the Maribo Lakes.

Did you know that Denmark was the first country to legalize gay marriage? And that was back in 1989! Imagine eloping abroad to the pioneering country where gay weddings first became legal. With its liberal laws and open mentality, the Danish bridal islands are all about celebrating love. In this special feature, Nordic Adventure Weddings, experts in wedding planning in Denmark, will show you what an LGBT dream wedding can come true looks like.

Same-Sex Wedding in Denmark 

Denmark is perfect for your LGBT destination wedding because it’s beautiful and celebrates decades’ worth of history of liberal laws, welcoming same-sex couples from all over the world.

A couple toasting champagne during their gay wedding in Denmark.
Anton & Denis as newlyweds enjoying their time in Denmark.

Openly celebrate your passion and affection during your adventure abroad while exploring a new culture and country. Filled with beautiful landscapes, castles, and romantic sunsets, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Danish islands host LGBT weddings all year round.  

With over 406 islands, the most popular LGBT destination wedding islands are: Mon, Lolland-Falster, and Bornholm Islands. Whether you want a castle wedding, a laid back beach wedding, or a romantic ceremony in the forest, the perfect location is waiting for you.  Elope to Denmark for an amazing wedding experience.

Møn Island

Møn Island, known for its famous chalk cliffs, is a stunning destination wedding location, ideal for couples that want to feel awe from the surrounding environment during their outdoor ceremony.
In 2017. Møn’s became Denmark’s first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is considered home of some of the most beautiful nature in Denmark.

A couple enjoy their wedding photoshoot celebrating their LGBT destination wedding on Mons Klint overlooking the sea.
Anton & Denis’ couple portrait session on Møn’s Klint, overlooking the Baltic Sea, after their wedding.

Lolland-Falster Islands

Lolland-Falster Islands are conveniently connected with Hamburg, Germany and are a popular destination among tourists that want a relaxing holiday with lovely beaches and unspoilt surroundings. 

For your gay wedding in Denmark, these islands are perfect if you want to explore nearby towns but also visit lovely natural sights along the coast.

A darling couple standing at the Maribo Lakes during their same sex wedding in Denmark in a romantic outdoor location.
 Patrick & Breno after their outdoor ceremony at the Nature Park in front of the Great Cathedral at Maribo town.
A romantic, laidback LGBT destination wedding on Lolland-Falster islands at the Dodecalith art installation by the sea.
The stunning Dodecalith art monument found in Lolland-Falster by the sea, a perfect outdoor wedding venue for your Nordic escape.

Bornholm Island

Bornholm Island, located further east from the heart of Denmark is truly for laidback explorers that want to have a fun adventure but also feel relaxed. The island is defined by Scandinavian-style beach houses, rocky coastal edges, and lakes with hiking paths.

For our Bornholm Island package, the Hammershus Medieval Ruins is the most popular wedding location. Being 74 meters (243 meters) above sea level with a lovely view of the Baltic Sea and the surrounding island, these ruins, dating back to the 13th century, are an unforgettable experience.

Denmark: Your LGBT Destination Wedding Location

A couple smiling and holding bouquets a Nordic beach during their gay wedding in Denmark.
Emma & Rose, from the UK, during their romantic beach wedding on Lolland-Falster Island.

If you want to get married in August, you can have your wedding the same time that the World Pride parade is going on in Copenhagen. Sign up for a World Pride 2021 wedding package and plan your adventure wedding in parallel with one of the best European pride parades. 

Overlaid text promoting same sex wedding in Denmark for the Copenhagen World Pride Parade.
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