How to: Get that Flawless Celebrity Look


Just how do A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lopez look so incredibly flawless? And how does Kim Kardashian achieve such defined cheekbones? Celebrity makeup artist, Carl Stanley, reveals all in this step-by-step tutorial to creating perfectly contoured wedding makeup looks.

Step One

Start by applying your usual moisturiser, then use your fingertips to smooth l’Oreal Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer over your face. Next, use a foundation brush (I like Mac’s Foundation Brush 109) to apply a skin tint across your foruhead, bridge of your nose, cheekbones and chin (I used l’Oreal’s Lush Feeling Younger skin tint), before sweeping a foundation stick across the tint. Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick in Porcelain is excellent. Then, add a triangle beneath each eye, ensuring it reaches right down to the apples of your cheeks.


Step Two

Taking an angled foundation brush (I used the 193 by Mac), apply some dark bronzer (my favourite for this makeup look is Black Opal’s Beautiful Bronze Total Coverage Concealing Foundation) in bold stripes down the sides of nose, beneath your cheekbones and up onto your temples.


Step Three

Using soft circular movements and a small face brush (I used the 188 small Duo Fibre brush by Mac), lightly apply some Christian Dior Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Make Up with across your whole face. The look needs to be seamless, so be sure to blend any hard lines and remenber to brush over your eyelids. If you think you need more undereye coverage, try Body Shop’s Concealer All-in-One – it’s excellent.


Step Four

Now it’s time to set your look. Tale a large, soft powder puff and apply a generous dusting of Ben NYE Neutral Set Colourless Face Powder. Dust off any excess with a fan brush, taking care to avoid the under eye area – you can dust this off once you have completed your eye makeup.


Step Five

Complete your flawless wedding makeup look using a bronzer and blush. I like the Bronzing Duo by Clarins, which I apply using a Mac 187 large Duo Fibre Face Brush. Start by applying it under your cheekbones, then carry on up and over your temples; add extra definition by brushing it under your jawline. Take a highlighter like DHC’s Cheek Highlighter, and sweep it above your cheekbones and below the browbone, then add your blush. Here, I used a Mac 187 brush to apply Bobbi Brown’s Apricot 6 Blush, and applied it to the apples of the cheeks. Finally, curl your eyelashes, apply mascara, slick on some soft beige lipstick and your naturally flawless wedding makeup look is complete!

Carl Stanley

Find out more about Carl Stanley, or hire him as your wedding makeup artist.

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