How to: Make a Wedding Flower Crown

Adding some flowers to hair on your wedding day can help add a little extra drop of romance to your bridal look. Be sure to match the shades and flower type with those in your bouquet, and choose size carefully. An understated garland of wild flowers can look gorgeous in fine, wavy hair, whilst larger bridal headdresses can add a rich bohemian drama to the look of brides with thicker, flowing locks.

If you thought making your own DIY wedding floral crown was hard, think again. The lovely girls from the Flower Appreciation Society have put together this simple three-step tutorial to show you how to make your own wedding flower crown.


You will need:

1) Scissors
2) Bendy wire
3) Floristry Tape
4) Flowers – a selection of hardy flowers such as carnations, spray roses and chrysanthemums, or a selection of quality fake-flowers.

Step One


Cut the bendy wire to a length that is slightly longer than your head width. Cover the wire in floristry tape to give a neater finish. The trick is to stretch it slightly as you wrap it around the wire, squeezing as you go so it will stick to itself.

Step Two


Now take your first flower and cut the stem so that there is about three inches left below the flower head using the floristry tape bind the stem of the flower onto the head wire.

Step Three


Keep adding flowers in the same way until you have created the shape that you want, and voila, your very own bridal flower crown. Wear it with pride.

Find out more about The Flower Appreciation Society, why they want to work with you, and how they can help you with your wedding flowers.

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