How to Scent Your Wedding

“A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion.” – Jeffrey Stepakoff

The power of a scent is impressive: thanks to the way our brains are wired (our olfactory bulbs are directly linked to memory and emotional parts of the brain), it can trigger memories and wake different emotions. Neat. So how do you get it right for your wedding? The good people of Jo Malone London share their advice.

Choose something Symbolic

Many couples opt for a scent that is symbolic with love, happiness and marriage. Kate Middleton’s candle wedding scent of choice, for example, was Jo Malone London’s Orange Blossom, which symbolises happiness in marriage. The peony, on the other hand, is also a popular choice and is historically believed to bring good fortune.

Add Atmosphere

Scent can sooth, warm, comfort and uplift, and this makes it a useful tool at important events, like weddings. According to the folks at Jo Malone London, it’s “an instant way to add atmosphere to your wedding ceremony and reception” – all you need to do is to consider the kinds of feeling you want to convey at your wedding, and choose your candle scents accordingly.

Fill your space

Filling the space around you physically and aromatically, is all part of achieving the right ambience. Jo Malone London suggest placing clusters of flickering candles in key spaces (such as tables, window ledges and steps), then adding aesthetic contrast by playing with scale and incorporating travel-sized candles with home and deluxe sized versions. Another top tip is to use diffusers and room spray to enrich the wholesomeness of the fragrance.

“Spritz the space with Scent Surround Room Spray, then light all of your candles at least half an hour before your guests arrive. That way, the scent will have had time to diffuse and the room will be beautifully fragrant and welcoming.

“You can also place Scent Surround Diffusers in the room a couple of days before so that the scent has really permeated the space by the time you reach your wedding day.”

So there you have it; choose a scent you love and let it fill the entirety of your wedding space. Not only will it help relax your guests, but whenever they smell that fragrance again, they’ll instantly remember everything that was wonderful about your wedding.

– Roja Dove “A fragrance is like a cat burglar in your brain; it has the key with which to pick the lock and unleash memories.”

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Image credits: Royal Leamington Pump Rooms & Spa, wedding venue.

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