International Wedding Trends Report

The 2018 International Wedding Trend Report is out! Key trends for this year include nouveau art deco, powdery pastels, mid-century features such as Moroccan rugs, brass finishings and layered lighting. The report also highlights key runway, destination wedding and food and drink trends. Plus a dedicated LGBT section.

Hoorah! What a hugely positive step forward in an industry dominated by non-gender-neutral imagery and phrases that include the repeated use of ‘bride and groom’ (rather than ‘couple’) and ‘bridal suite’ (instead of something more updated, like ‘newlywed’ or ‘honeymoon’ suite).

The legalisation of gay marriage in 2014 was another step towards perceptions of weddings changing. Over the years, they have become less celebrations of a traditional union of the masculine and feminine, and more untethered legal unions between any pair of lovers. Weddings are ceasing to be what they once were – a binding lifelong contract where a wife must ‘obey’ a husband’s iron will – and instead, strive to represent a more equal partnership (for example by removing the word ‘obey’ from vows, unless requested).

It is important to look at marriage from an LGBT+ perspective not only in terms of traditions changing, but on a practical level, too. For example, LGBT+ couples need to know which destinations and cultures are accepting of them and their marriage. It’s all very well to point out the beauty of a Turkish landscape as a setting for a wedding, but the Turkish record on gay rights is appalling. Factoring this in makes it easier for LGBT+ people to pick out places that have a positive attitude towards them.

We are thrilled to have contributed to this report not only because it correlates a host of different global voices, but it gives such a comprehensive range of viewpoints that we’re confident that couples from all walks of life will pick up great sources of wedding trends and inspiration before they make their wedding decisions. Have a flick through the online 2018 wedding trends report right here – we think you’ll find it really useful.

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