Know Before Your Go Research Your Honeymoon

Attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples can be very different in some countries, so we’re delighted to have partnered with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on its Know Before …

Attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples can be very different in some countries, so we’re delighted to have partnered with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on its Know Before You Go – Research your Honeymoon campaign, which advises you to research your destination before you book your honeymoon or holiday.

Take a look at the infographic below which highlights our recommendations for romantic, adventurous and cultural honeymoons.

You’ll find more suggestions (and special offers) on our honeymoon pages, but wherever you choose to go for your honeymoon, make sure you do your research in advance.

View the FCO’s overseas travel advice for LGBT travellers to avoid running into any problems when you travel abroad.

Know Before You Go #KBYG Research your Honeymoon

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Honeymoon Takeaways: Bitesize Phrases

Language barriers can get you into all kinds of mischief, so play it safe and learn how to book a double room, order cocktails and where the nearest gay bar is by using a proper language guide when you holiday or honeymoon.

From making dinner reservations to highlighting allergies, we’ve teamed up with language learning app, Babbel, to bring you some of the most useful words you may want to use whilst you’re away.

Understand directions and learn how to order champagne in before you go on honeymoon or holiday using our bitesize phrase takeaways. Don’t fall short when you go on your honeymoon or holiday.

Essential English Phrases

50Px British Flag 2 - Know Before Your Go Research Your Honeymoon Gay Wedding Guide
  1. Je suis allergique aux produits laitiers / aux oignons / au blé.
  2. Comment se rendre à la gare?
  3. A gauche / A droite / Tout droit / première/deuxième/ troisième.
  4. Où est le bar gay le plus proche?
  5. Est-ce que les couples homosexuels sont autorisés ici?
  6. Nous souhaitons réserver une chambre double.
  7. Nous souhaitons réserver une table pour deux ce soir pour vingt heures.
  8. Deux verres de Champagne, s’il vous plaît.
  9. Deux cocktails maison, s’il vous plaît.
  10. S’il vous plait.
  11. Merci.
  1. Ik ben allergisch voor zuivel / uien / tarwe.
  2. Hoe komen we naar het station?
  3. Links / Rechts / Rechtdoor / eerste / tweede / derde.4. Waar is de dichtstbijzijnde gay bar?
  4. Accepteert u homoseksuele stellen?
  5. We willen graag een tweepersoonskamer boeken.
  6. Ik zou graag een tafel voor twee personen voor vanavond om acht willen reserveren.
  7. Twee glazen champagne, alstublieft.
  8. Twee van uw signature cocktails, alstublieft.
  9. Alstublieft / Alsjeblieft (formal / informal).
  10. Dank u wel / Dankjewel (formal / informal).
  1. Sono allergico ai latticini / alle cipolle / al grano e derivati.
  2. Come arriviamo alla stazione?
  3. Sinistra / Destra / Sempre dritto / la prima / la seconda / la terza.
  4. Dove si trova il locale gay più vicino?
  5. Sono permesse coppie omosessuali?
  6. Vorremmo prenotare una camera doppia.
  7. Vorrei riservare un tavolo per stasera alle 20.00.
  8. Due bicchieri di champagne per favore.
  9. Due dei vostri cocktail personalizzati (at a wedding) / della casa (in a bar) per favore.
  10. Per favore.
  11. Grazie.
  1. Ich bin allergisch auf Milchprodukte / Zwiebeln / Weizen
  2. Wie kommen wir zum Bahnhof?
  3. Erste / Zweite / Dritte / Links / Rechts / Geradeaus.
  4. Wo ist die nächste Gay-Bar?
  5. Sind gleichgeschlechtliche Paare hier gestattet?
  6. Wir würden gerne ein Doppelzimmer buchen.
  7. Ich würde gerne für heute Abend um acht Uhr einen Tisch für Zwei reservieren.
  8. Zwei Gläser Champagner, bitte.
  9. Zwei Hauscocktails, bitte.
  10. Bitte.
  11. Vielen Dank / Danke.
  1. Soy alérgico/a la lactosa/ cebolla/ trigo y derivados.
  2. Cómo se llega a la estación de tren?
  3. Izquierda / Derecha / Recto / primero / segundo / tercero.
  4. Dónde está el bar gay más cercano?
  5. Admitís parejas del mismo sexo?
  6. Nos gustaría reservar una habitación doble.
  7. Me gustaría reservar una mesa para dos para cenar esta noche a las 8 en punto.
  8. Dos copas de champán, por favor.
  9. Dos cócteles de la casa, por favor.
  10. Por favor.
  11. Gracias.
  1. I am allergic to dairy/onions/wheat.
  2. How do we get to the train station?
  3. Left / Right / Straight on / first / second / third.
  4. Where is the nearest gay bar?
  5. Do you allow same-sex couples?
  6. We would like to book a double room.
  7. I would like to reserve a table for two for dinner tonight at 8 o’clock.
  8. Two glasses of champagne, please.
  9. Two of your signature cocktails, please.
  10. Please.
  11. Thank you.
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