La La Land Wedding Theme Ideas

Twinkling lights, sunsets, Hollywood retro, jazz – we love La La Land. Not only was it the first film ever to win seven Golden Globes, it’s a masterpiece in its …

Twinkling lights, sunsets, Hollywood retro, jazz – we love La La Land. Not only was it the first film ever to win seven Golden Globes, it’s a masterpiece in its own right; a sublime celebration of love and life’s passions – perfect for a wedding! If you’re seeking La La Land wedding theme inspiration, start by viewing our inspiration board…

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Vintage style

Even though the film presents a mixture of modern and retro details, the styles of protagonists Mia and Sebastian are vintage and eclectic: for the hommes, a Fred Estaire meets jazz age mash up of high waisted, wide-legged trousers, two-toned brogues and fluid silk shirts; for the femmes, Ginger Rogers flowing or A-line skirts and halter neck frocks with a chi-chi 50s and 60s feel.

Starry night

The observatory scene is one of the most mesmerising and meaningful in the musical: to recreate the magic of a beautiful starry sky on your big day you need the contrast of soft lights on a dark blue ceiling.


The shades of the sunset on a hill are another must have: whether you include them in your wedding cake or in our bouquet, bright blues, canary yellows and soft reds, pinks and violet are pivotal to link back to La La love story.

Jazz clubs

Music plays a pivotal role in the musical and in the lives of both characters, as many of their encounters take place in jazz clubs characterised by their typical led signs: from jazz music playing at your reception to bright neon signs showcasing the bar, quotes or your names, include whimsical jazz vibes to your wedding!

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