Most Popular Lesbian Wedding Gifts of 2021

So, you’ve been lucky enough to score an invitation to celebrate another couple’s special day, and it’s time to pick out a present to take with you, but this time …

So, you’ve been lucky enough to score an invitation to celebrate another couple’s special day, and it’s time to pick out a present to take with you, but this time it’s different…instead of a bride and a groom, there are two brides.

Most of us know that there is absolutely zero difference between a straight and a gay wedding besides the gender of those getting married, since either way, it’s all about two people in love.

However, you might feel thrown by the fact that the wedding presents market traditionally caters to a Mr and a Mrs, and that is okay.

If that’s you, never fear! We’ve done all of the nuptial research for you to collate a list of suggestions to suit any budget, timeframe, or personality.

Whether you’re hoping to pick up a last-minute bargain or taking the time to make a gift yourself, there’ll be something for everyone, so keep reading.

Before You Buy

A key piece of advice? Avoid succumbing to stereotypes. No matter someone’s sexual preferences, as individuals we all have our own specific tastes and preferences – whilst some members of the LGBTQ+ community are happy to receive yet another rainbow accessory, not everyone is loud and proud.

Just as not all gay men love Madonna, cocktails and the colour pink, it’s possible that the couple you’re shopping for will not fit your pre-designated vision of what lesbians like and dislike (or not, as the case may be) so don’t buy gifts based solely on assumptions, as you’re likely to offend rather than surprise.

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It’s difficult to ask for clothing sizes, favourite colors and other necessary gift-buying information without giving the game away, so you could always ask another friend or family member for help if you don’t know whether your gift idea will be appropriate.

Seeking out a maid of honour or bridesmaid will usually be your best bet.

Sticking To The Registry

Wedding Registry Checklist 2 - Most Popular Lesbian Wedding Gifts Of 2021 Gay Wedding Guide

A vast majority of today’s couples will have made your life easy and put together a gift registry: whether that’s for shopping with a well-known online retailer or at a particular store, it’s pretty commonplace these days for the engaged pair to make a wishlist to share with their guests.

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It’s generally considered impolite to ignore the registry altogether, as the brides-to-be have taken time out to offer practical suggestions for items they actually need, so try not to stray from the list – you could always choose something small from the list that the brides have selected to go alongside your own gift, as a compromise.

Gotten around to picking your gift a little later than everyone else only to find that there are only ‘big ticket’, more expensive items remaining?

You could consider asking friends or relatives who still need to pick something out if they’d like to contribute some of the cost and offer it up as a joint present from all of you.

Or, has the opposite happened, and there are only a handful of small choices left? In this case, you could get a couple of gifts that match to a theme, like a room in the house or an activity, and bundle them up together as a collection of presents.

Filling Up A New House

Wedding Gift Idea Electric Appliance 2 - Most Popular Lesbian Wedding Gifts Of 2021 Gay Wedding Guide

Previously, if you moved in with your partner before you married them, you would be judged severely by your friends and relatives. Now cohabitation before marriage is pretty commonplace, most couples will probably already have a home they share that is fully stocked with all of the essentials. 

If, however, your couple is a little more traditional and have not yet combined their households, then contributions to their new love next are sure to be very well-received, and it really opens up your gift options.

Common purchases for a house are items like dinnerware sets, pots and pans, towels, bedshees, ktchen utensils and accessories, champagne flutes, wine glasses…  basically anything you would not already have if you lived by yourself, with roommates or still resided at home with your parents.

Stuck for inspiration or struggling to pick something that doesn’t feel boring? Open up your drawers and cupboards to have a look at what you have in there and couldn’t live without, and remember, when you’re starting a new home with someone, you’ll be grateful for any and all offerings, big or small. 

Picking Personalized Presents

91Pdbq2Tjtl. Ac Sl1500 2 - Most Popular Lesbian Wedding Gifts Of 2021 Gay Wedding Guide

Nothing says a heartfelt “I love you! Congrats on getting married” like a gift with their name on it! And these days, you can personalize absolutely anything: cushions, art prints, blankets, cutting boards, plants… you name it, there’s a name on it.

Cute couples’ sets like matching monogrammed robes, pjyamas, hankies or towels featuring their newly updated names or initials are always a hit, as they are practical and can be used every day, as well as being commemorative of their union.

Many websites offer personalization services that make buying a gift as simple as uploading a photograph or typing out the content you’d like to see on whatever it is you’ve opted to buy. Just remember to spell everything out correctly!

Etsy is absolutely full to bursting with all manner of treats that can be modified to suit any name and occasion and adding a handmade touch to something that you bought gives it that little bit of extra sentimental sparkle.

Hauls For The Honeymoon

Are the happy couple off on a post-wedding vacation? If so, is there anything you could buy that would contribute to or enhance their holiday adventures? Make sure you find out where they’re jetting off to first, so it’s definitely weather-appropriate!

A nice general suggestion to suit all tastes is a photo album given specifically for filling with those honeymoon snaps, as most guests will opt for wedding albums and it will help you to stand out from the crowd as well as being a lovely gift.

Providing that you’re close enough to the wedding party, you could consider some romantic or slightly sexier gifts, and if the couple have children, they’ll be even more grateful for the opportunity to spice things up whilst away.

Seductive lingerie, massage oils, couple’s games and other sexy accessories might be the way to go in this instance. Unless you know one or both women really well then we wouldn’t recommend this one, as it might come across the wrong way.

If their honeymoon is all-inclusive and wrapped up, why not put together a hamper filled with the brides’ favourite self-care treats for a relaxing pamper night when they return? It will make that crash back down to Earth from newly-wedded bliss a tiny bit easier, and your gift will stick out in their memory.

Trips And Experiences

Honeymoon Cruise Boarding Pass Just Married Flat Graphic Design Template Face Back Side 41917451 2 - Most Popular Lesbian Wedding Gifts Of 2021 Gay Wedding Guide

If you’re married, you’ll know that planning a wedding takes an incredible amount of time, effort and energy, and the anticlimactic feeling that can come when everything is over and done with is something most couples will experience.

To help combat those post-wedding blues, and if your budget allows, then a voucher or ticket to do something exciting will give the brides something to look forward to after they have settled down into a new routine of married life.

A concert, a sports match or other event is always great fun, though be careful not to pick something that you would enjoy on the assumption that everybody likes it, too. And no, not every lesbian listens to Tegan and Sara or plays softball – try stalking their socials if you need some inspiration.

A day out to a theme park, theater tickets, mountain climbing… these days, you really can give out the opprtunity to do something amazing, and not all of them will break the bank!

Shop around until you find the best deal, but make sure it’s within driving distance or accessible on public transport if needs be.

It’s best to book something that’s at least a couple of months in advance, because the newly-married couple is likely to be booked up for a while after the ceremony.

There’s nothing worse than giving someone a present they can’t use, so if you aren’t sure if they’ll be free, it’s worth checking with those who know them better.

Homemade And From The Heart

747286961Def835Be97Ebc198754D993 2 - Most Popular Lesbian Wedding Gifts Of 2021 Gay Wedding Guide

Now, this suggestion works particularly well if you have little ones who can get involved (or do all of the hard work for you…) too, as their tiny hands produce some heartwarming art and nobody will comment on their creative skills!

Likewise, if your budget is small but your artistic abilities are great, then consider putting them to good use and making something. Instead of buying a throwaway gift that will rarely get used, you’ll provide something that lasts forever and makes them smile whenever they see it.

No matter what people might believe, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a hand made gift – it’s meaningful, comes from the heart, and shows you care! Anybody can go out and buy a gift from a list, but only a true friend dedicates their time and efforts to make something one of a kind.

It’s incredibly easy to put together a lovely gift in a couple of hours with simple equipment you’ve probably already got to hand, especially if you already consider yourself an artist!

A portrait of the lovebirds in your preferred medium is something they can keep forever, and hey, it could be worth millions one day!

Should you happen to have any other practical skills, like knitting, baking, whittling, sewing, woodworking… all of these talents can be put to good use in your quest for the perfect gift!

A batch of their favourite baked goods to eat at the airport or whilst recovering from the reception will be comforting in such an emotional time.

you could paint up a mug or some other pottery, personalize a frame and fill it with the couple’s happiest memories – why not dig out some old and embarrassing photos from the early days of dating and create a timeline of their relationship?

Money Money Money

Gift Pack Money Gifts Wedding Gift For Hoochzeit 700X500 1 2 - Most Popular Lesbian Wedding Gifts Of 2021 Gay Wedding Guide

Maybe it feels a little impersonal, but hey, everybody loves cash! This is especially true if you have just paid for your wedding; getting married is pricy business, no matter how hard you budget or cut down, so there’s always unexpected monetary shocks and surprises.

Plus, it means you’ll avoid giving something that won’t be appreciated, because those lucky brides can spend your gift on whatever they want to! If something was missed off of their registry or they need a little extra honeymoon spending money it will be sure to come in handy.

If you know the couple a little better, you could pick up a gift card for their favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or store, just to make it feel a little more affectionate than simply putting twenty bucks in a card. Be sure to note the expiration date so you can let them know how long they’ve got to spend it!

A Word On Alcohol

5C37255F0669F074599Ff2Fd6Fce8528 2 - Most Popular Lesbian Wedding Gifts Of 2021 Gay Wedding Guide

First things first, some solid life advice for all situtations: not everybody drinks. For whatever reason, one or both parties might not actually like or consume alcohol, so be sure to check if you don’t already know, to avoid gifting something pointless or even hurtful. 

Most newlyweds will be inundated with bottles of bubbly on their wedding day, as champagne or prosecco are pretty standard safe bets, so a lot of those will inevitably be regifted or gather dust in a rack somewhere.

If you’d like to stand out from the crowd a little more, you could branch out to their favourite spirit: whiskey, gin, vodka, rum… the possibilities are (almost) endless, and it’s less likely that your present will end up belonging to someone else eventually.

Cocktail sets can be super fun, as it adds an element of interaction to the mix, in that you have to make and serve the drinks yourself. If you really wanted to push the boat out, you could pay for one of the many drinks masterclasses available from a variety of bars and restaurants.

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