New Research Reveals LGBTQ Couples Want Their Happy Ever After

A survey of LGBTQ people, commissioned by The Gay Wedding Guide, has found that 61% of its UK respondents were either married or would like to get married in the future. The research, which was conducted on behalf of The Gay Wedding Guide by Out Now Consulting, asked 348 LGBTQ people to answer a series of questions, and discovered that a high percentage of respondents were either already married (31%) or in a relationship (22%).

Fourteen per cent of those in a relationship hoped to marry in the future, compared to just 9% who stated they never want to marry. Seventeen per cent of single people surveyed said they had no intention of marrying in the future, whereas 15% of their single peers said they would.

Hugh Wright, spokesperson for The Gay Wedding Guide and gay travel review companion, les Deux Messieurs, said:

“Statistics suggest that around 6% of people living in the UK today identify as being LGBTQ. Our research suggests that of those who aren’t already married or in a civil partnership, 39% intend to marry a lifelong partner sometime in the future. Same-sex couples still experience prejudice and negativity in the wedding sector, so it’s important that staff working within these sectors openly welcome all couples equally, regardless of their sexuality. And they should take pride in doing so.”

Carla ter Maat of Drakes boutique hotel in Brighton said:

“Prejudice and inequality towards same-sex couples have no place in today’s society. We advocate the freedom of choice on so many levels and choosing a life partner must be top of the list. People have a right to fall in love and marry whomever they choose and this right must be respected and accepted by everyone.”

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