Personalised Valentine’s Gifts

Finding the perfect Valentine’s gift can be quite tricky, especially if you are looking for an irreplaceable and unique piece. So why not surprise your other half with a personalised …

Finding the perfect Valentine’s gift can be quite tricky, especially if you are looking for an irreplaceable and unique piece. So why not surprise your other half with a personalised gift? From gorgeous Valentine’s cards to monogrammed trainers, bespoke chocolate and engraved accessories, customisable presents will make your Valentine feel oh so special. Here’s our top 10 personalised gifts…

1. Monogrammed Converse Shoes

A pair of monogrammed white Converse can be the personalised Valentine’s gift you are looking for: as your partner will be wearing them every day, they will be a daily reminder of your love. £58.00 on Etsy.

2. Cushion

The monogram crewelwork cushion by Sue Timney, meticulously hand-stitched with the finest wool, is a gorgeous personal gift, with a graphic letter emerging from the background. £110, via The Rug Company.

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3. Candles and Champagne

A relaxing scented candle and bottle of champagne are always welcome gifts; personalise both with a name and/or message and they become all the more special. Scented candles £8+ on Etsy and champagne £34.99+ via Getting Personal.

4. Chocolate

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Sweet-toothed gluttons will certainly appreciate a personalised chocolate heart from Thorntons. (Plus, they’re great to share!). £5, from Thorntons).

5. Personalised watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s customisable Reverso would be an amazing Valentine’s gift. Ask them to engrave intricate designs, family crests and finely monogrammed letters on the back, and a favourite colour strap for an impressive and everlasting gift. £on request, Jaeger-LeCoultre

6. Make Your Own Flavour Ice Cream

Sweeten your other half’s day with a super tasty Italian ice cream: Morelli’s Ice Cream allows you to create your own personal flavour! £Bespoke at Morelli’s.

7. Luxury Leathers

Jackie O’s favourite leather arm accessory was always a Valextra creation. Beautifully crafted in Italy, Valextra allows you to monogram almost any of its items. Why not go for a monogramed document holder, wallet or ipad cover? £on request. Available at Harrods.

8. Personalsied Wristlet
In lightweight coated canvas, this gorgeous exotically styled Iphis-print wristlet makes a gorgeous personal gift. All the letters from the alphabet are available, so simply choose your letter, and voila. £150 from Liberty London.

9. Silver Spoon

We like everything served on a silver spoon, so, like magpies, we couldn’t resist this shiny item. If you are that kind of couple who enjoys having delicious food together, this personalised serving spoon is ideal for sharing something tasty on Valentine’s day. £31, from La De Da Living.

10. Valentine’s cards

These gorgeous, innovative 3D pop-up cards from Cardology come to life every time you open the card, and are sure to leave a lasting impression!

Your Suggestions

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