Best Gay Wedding Photos by Season: Autumn

The russet reds, golden ombres and twinkling frost-covered fronds are some of our favourite Autumnal jewels; but put the soft tint of the season’s sun into the mix, falling on a newly wed couple and you’ve got a gift of a romantic shot. Need photographic inspiration? You’ve got it: Here are 17 of our favourite same-sex wedding photos full of Autumnal amour.


The Autumn’s natural sunlight gives this image of Katie and Rachelle an almost ethereal beauty.

Photographer: Dreaming Tree Studios

Fabled Forest

Contrasting shapes and colours of Peyton, Oliver and their friends against the tall pines, shedding their rusty needles.

Photographer: Mikkel Paige

Autumn Days

Christine and Julie have embraced the rustic colours of Autumn perfectly.

Photographer: M&M Photos

The Rainbow

One of those rare moments – a rainbow in a dusky, autumn sky for Sundeep and Matt.

Photographer: Paul Rodgers

Autumn Haze

Courtney and Auto were married in Grovesland, CA right outside of Yosemite National Park.

Photographer: Studio XII Photography

Moment Mist

Chris and Greg stop their vintage wedding car to take it all in down a quiet country lane.

Photographer: Benjamin the Photographer

Sunset Silhouette

Georgia and Daisy’s engagement silhouette in a stunning Autumn sunset.

Photographer: Ross Willsher Photography


Shaz and Ondrej share a giggle as the leaves turn colours by the Thames at their Petersham Hotel wedding in Richmond.

Photographer: Tell Your Story

golden light

Framed in a golden light, Allie and Danya rub noses in NYC

Photographer: Mikkel Paige

vineyard valleys

Matt and Greg walk hand in hand through King Family’s Vineyards towards the Autumn landscape of a Charlotteville forest.

Photographer: Aaron Watson Photography


Autumnal features abound at Morgan and Mackenzie’s wedding, right down to the tulle leaf dress detailing.

Photographer: Pink Feather Photography

Twilight Hour

Autumn twilight adds another level of romance to this shot of Neil and Russell

Photographer: Ayesha Photography

Auburn Frame

Robyn and Shawnee are framed in Autumn’s natural reds and russets.

Photographer: Sam Hurd Photography


Ben and Stephen with a shower of golden leaf confetti.

Photographer: Guy Collier Wedding Photography

Autumn Reflection

Greg and William reflect their love by the lake in Tenny Park, Madison

Photographer: Queens & Hearts

Autumnal Arbour

Emily and Kate say their vows outside under an autumnal wedding arbour.

Photographer: les Loups

Magic Carpet

A golden carpet of leaves becomes Nik and Guj’s magical wedding carpet.

Photographer: Jamie Bott Wedding Photography
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