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“It’s the perfect time to celebrate”Thoughts of thanksgiving conjure images of all-American celebrations with roast turkeys, apple cider, and pumpkin pies, not forgetting those scenes from Friends. So what about planning a thanksgiving wedding? We asked celebrity wedding planner, Liz Taylor of the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), whose first experience of thanksgiving was an invitation to the London home of Robbie and Ayda Williams, how to style a wedding with a thanksgiving party theme. Here’s what she said…

“Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends come together. The sense of intimacy blended with occasion makes it the perfect time to celebrate. These are my tips for creating a Thanksgiving wedding to remember…

1. Get into the spirit. Thanksgiving is a time to feast. Long rustic tables are lined with pumpkins, bowls of seasonal vegetables, chunky candles sat on metal plates, piles of fresh fruits – all brought to life with a huge roast turkey. Delicious!

2. Sports action. In the US, Thanksgiving is a day to watch sports, play games, eat well and spend quality time as a family. So, set up the large screen TV and American Football for the younger generation to watch during speeches, and have plenty of popcorn at the ready!

3. Keep it personal. Thanksgiving is as much about the people you share it with, as it is about what you do on the day. Appreciation extends to the table too, where you can add individual touches with miniature jars of yellow, orange and black jelly beans (or your guests’ favourite American homemade treats). A handwritten label tied around the jar, and you have the perfect place marker and gift.

4. Memorable invitations. Calligraphy written invitations carefully rolled-up and placed inside miniature pumpkins. Complete with a rustic box and pop into the post, for an invitation nobody will forget!

5. Rich Hues. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year, when the autumn colours glow with rich hues. Deep reds, vivid oranges and rich bronze all offer the best of the warm autumn shades. Combinations of red apples, seasonal berries and pine cones, with nuts, twigs, evergreens and late-season blooms like gerbera create a stylish, rustic inspired décor.

6. Lantern Light. Lighting and ambience is key. The evenings draw in early at this time of year, which means that you can create lots of atmosphere with thoughtful lighting, candles and scents – apple, cinnamon and pumpkin are popular.

7. Turkey, yams and pumpkin pie. Key ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. But don’t discount the American diner! The hot dogs. The Burger sliders. Coke float and milkshakes. Pies are also a perfect way to serve dessert. Cherry, apple and pumpkin. All individual, bite-sized treats to complement the carrot cake, cheesecakes and donuts!

8. Wash it down. The choice of beer, mulled cider or my favourite; a pumpkin pie martini! Chilled to arctic temperatures – Champagne and beer never tasted better! A bespoke beer bottle sleeve – the perfect gift for guests.

9. R&B. Entertainment makes the party! Some of the best music has been inspired by American rock stars, and never fails to fill the dance floor. A combination of classics can take you from dusk until dawn.

10. Midnight Snacks. It wouldn’t be an American meal if you didn’t have ‘doggy bags’ to take home. Bespoke take-out boxes filled with the goodies of the season – delicious homemade delicacies. What better memory of your very special day.”

TLC In a Nutshell

Liz Taylor has more than 30 years experience in event planning and set up TLC Ltd over 20 years ago. Headquartered in Manchester, it has grown to become one of the leading event organisers in the UK and now works right across Europe planning and curating luxury weddings, corporate event management, product launches and parties. Find out more about TLC at

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Get into the Spirit
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Sports’ Action
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Keep it Personal

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Rich Hues
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Lantern Light

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Key Ingredients

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Wash it down

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