The Coolest Edible Sculptures

Ask any wedding planner for their top five wedding styling essentials and centrepieces will make it every time; they add focus, depth and height to wedding spaces, not to mention personality. Most centrepieces come in the form of florals, but they don’t have to. Cue, edible sculptures: unique show-stoppers that will certainly get your guests talking.

Heather Sweet

Multi-award-winning sugar sculptor Heather Sweet has been creating bespoke masterpieces for more than 20 years. Her gothic art influences make her end results can be pretty outlandish, but when they look as show-stopping as this, what’s not to love!

Food is Art

Fancy seeing your guests go licking-crazy? Order one of Prudence Staite’s masterpieces. Prudence, who sculpts with chocolate and food, has created everything from chocolate life-sized replicas of people and chocolate rooms with lickable wallpaper, a Marylin Munroe pizza, and even a 4m x 3m billboard poster made entirely from cheese. Mmm. And, if you fancy a healthier option, she can craft you sculptures out of fruit, vegetables, grains or nuts. Her wedding speciality is solid chocolate paintings – they look fantastic on the top table – as long as you can resist the urge to nibble!

Carl Warner’s Foodscapes

Carl is an artist and photographer; he worked for advertising companies in the 1980s, until one day he saw some Portobello mushrooms in his local supermarket that looked, (to him) like alien trees. He bought them, took them back to his studio and with a handful of rice grains and beans created his first foodscape. Imagine having your own foodscape utopia as your wedding centrepiece.

Bompas & Parr

Bompas & Parr are expert jelly makers whose bespoke fresh fruit or alcoholic jellies and displays can either be integrated into your wedding meal or stand alone as an impressive centrepiece or feature. If you’re not a fan of cake, then why not order a grand wobblesome jelly tower instead? Their seven-tiered stand can carry up to 120 jellies that can be matched to any colour or theme. They can even make jellies to glow in the dark – perfect evening receptions!

Melon Man

David Loh is a Malaysian born internationally trained chef and food artist who has perfected the ancient art of fruit and vegetable carving. In fact, it’s been said that he’s the fastest master sculptor in the world! Why not commission melon portraits of you and your beloved, or melon portrait favours! And, if you fancy living on the knife-edge, you could ask David to perform his incredible live kung fu carving show so you can see him in action as he produces his creative works.

Sarah Hardy

Fancy a giant Hello Kitty cake, or a life-size cake of yourself? If you do, Sarah Hardy’s the one to make it. She’s created works for Hamley’s (Hello Kitty), the Natural History Museum (an edible collectors cabinet made from sugar) and the Peep Show (Gerrard’s wake cake). She does, of course, make straight-up beautiful wedding cakes, but it might be more fun to employ her incredible talent for the realistic and commission a sculpture instead.

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