Tricks or Treats: Halloween Wedding Menu Ideas

Showcasing key fright-night ingredients is a must for Halloween weddings; but how far you push the theme depends on the level of scare-mongery you want featured in your wedding. Here are our suggestions for balancing the gruesome with the glam when it comes to planning your Halloween wedding menu.


Serve up some smokin’ cocktails: we love the hubble, bubble of the smoking margarita (centre, below); but if you aren’t able to get your hands on the liquid nitrogen required, go for something suggestively grotesque, like blood orange or green mocktails garnished with some lychee eyeballs.

Smoking Margarita via Hen or Stag
Ginger Blood Orange cocktail via Kitchenette Blog – mix some red food dye with some sugar syrup to make it ‘bloody’ and skirt on the inner rim of the glass for an extra gruesome effect.
Frankestein’s Punch mocktail via Tesco


Pumpkin is the ingredient du jour here, but it doesn’t mean you have to overdose on the orange. These dinner-party style pumpkin wafers and blood-red gazpacho shots give a sophisticated high-five to Halloween, whilst the pulled pork tostaditas with apple pico pays attention to the season’s Autumnal produce.

Pulled Pork Tostaditas with Cilantro Aioli and Apple Pico via Pinterest
Tomato gazpacho toasted cheese via Pinterest
Pumpkin Wafers via Our Kitchen Table


You won’t win any prizes for originality by serving pumpkin soup, but it will more than hit the spot on a chilly October day; on the other hand, serve up melon sculpted skulls covered in parma ham and other antipasti treats, and you’ll receive rapturous applause. The question is, would you have the nerve to sport a meat covered suit or dress à la Lady Gaga?

If you’d rather opt for something with a little more sophistication, we think this carrot covered sushi would work perfectly.

Carrot covered Sushi with octopus ink via Make Sushi
Antipasti skull platter via Pinterest.
Pumpkin Soup by Monitor Lighting


We’ve gone all-out meat-feast for our choice of mains. Nothing says death (and for the reasons of this article, Halloween) quite like a carcass, so a hogroast fits the bill perfectly, and the glorious yellows and oranges of a seafood risotto reflect the les fruits de mer as well as October’s best-loved colours. But if you’re looking for a Halloween crowdpleaser, mummified meatballs are genius.

Hogroast via Beales Gourmet
Mummified meatballs via Tesco
Seafood risotto via Pinterest.


Celebrate the time of year by incorporating as much seasonal produce as you can. Rose-shaped apple tart or pumpkin and caramel gateaux anyone? Or gravestone RIP chocolate mousses, which aren’t so much seasonal as they are themtastically good fun.

Pumpkin and Caramel Cake via BBC Good Food
Chocolate Mousse with Gravestone Dippers via Tesco
Custard Apple Tart Roses via Bake with Stork


Favours are where you can really go to town with a Halloween theme. From ghoulish and ghostly cake pops to unicorn zombie cupcakes (see cupcake board below) or an alternative take on Snow White’s apple, embrace the theatre, and theme it up Scotty!

Ghostly popcakes via Pinterest.
Cream Filled Biscuits via Baking Bites
Black Toffee apple via Pinterest.

Favours: Cupcakes

Everyone needs to leave with a piece of cake, right? Rather than slice up your wedding cake, why not gift guests with beautiful mini cake creations. We’re loving these bloodcurdling bites from London bakery, Flavourtown.

Cupcakes via Flavourtown

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