Wedding Cake Trends for 2021

Same sex weddings may look a little different at the moment, but the old saying remains true – it’s not a party without a dress or two (even when that’s …

Same sex weddings may look a little different at the moment, but the old saying remains true – it’s not a party without a dress or two (even when that’s a cake!). A centre piece and integral part of the tradition of the day, wedding cakes were originally introduced to bring good luck to guests. Let’s face it, we could all do with a bit of good fortune right now. But as with any wedding traditions, they can be updated. Embracing a more contemporary approach or fusing the best of heritage designs with trending colours and flavours. We caught up with Liz Taylor, of celebrity wedding planners the Taylor Lynn Corporation (, to find out her top wedding cake trend predictions for 2021.

A Cake That Can Hold Its Own

I’ve always been a fan of focusing on the small details of a wedding, but this is now more important than ever. With wedding plans scaled back and more boutique designs trending, couples are investing more into the individual elements that make the day memorable. For example, the traditional top table is being shared with a cake table. This creates an innovative focal point to the room and allows the couple to mingle with the smaller number of guests present. A cake worthy of taking centre stage (without upstaging the couple) needs to be a nothing short of a masterpiece though; such as a replica of the wedding attire.

Wedding Cake Dress

Within this movement, cakes have become works of art. Translucent sugar sculpture, texture and design, edible tissue paper and delicate brushstrokes being some of the artistry making its way into the bakery. When it comes to cake design in 2021, go big or go home!

Sculpture Cake 2 - Wedding Cake Trends For 2021 Gay Wedding Guide

Hot Pink

Magenta is the colour of the year. A hot hue that brings pure joy to lift the spirits after turmultuos times. Keep the cake classic and compact. Let the colour do the talking.
Of course for the quirky, fun-loving couples, a pyramid of brightly coloured cupcakes that bring a smile to guests faces and make the mouth water.

Pink Wedding Cake 1 2 - Wedding Cake Trends For 2021 Gay Wedding Guide
Colourful Cup Cake Tower

Edible Decor

Edible flowers, aromatic herbs and herbaceous borders. Baking meets gardening in a clash of two of the most popular lockdown trends. Real flowers have become not just part of the design but edible decorative touches to bring unique flavour alongside their beauty. Sugar flowers so detailed and delicate that they look exactly like the real thing are another take on the trend as are edible flowers pressed into the buttercream. And if floral doesn’t take your fancy, then try the trend that’s taking Pinterest by storm, thinly sliced candied pear dyed in beautiful colours.

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All Shapes and Sizes

Whether square, single tiered or slim, 2021 is offering up a different take on cake. I’m not sure why a square wedding cake seems like such a radical thought, yet somehow it does. Square cakes are breaking the mould in 2021. As are very tall, slender cakes for those who have fewer guests. Less cake. All the impact. Single tiered, delicately detailed is another way to have less waste without losing the effect.

Square Cake Tiers

Rustic Wood Cake Stands

This trend is absolutely everywhere at the moment. Ideally suited to the ‘naked’ cake designs that have been popular in recent years. Think enchanted woodland fairy-tale for inspiration. Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Rustic Wedding Cake And Cake Stand

Pure and Simple

Sometimes when we experience upheaval, as we have in the past year, it promotes a desire to go back to what feels comfortable and familiar. I saw this at Christmas with the décor in some of the houses we helped to dress, and now within same-sex weddings, we’re again seeing a similar return to tradition.

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For wedding cakes that means pure, white elegance. Delicate detailing in simple white colourways with minimal accent colour. Just the merest touches of green. A timeless style.

Pure Ivory Wedding Cake 2 - Wedding Cake Trends For 2021 Gay Wedding Guide

Everything in Miniature

Of course, individual wedding cakes are seeing a rise in popularity given our current pre-occupation with hygiene. The days of walking round with a large platter of cake slices for guests are well and truly over. For me, if you’re doing this it needs to be done properly. You could create a tiny replica of the main cake design for each guest. Serve bite sized pieces under individual glass domes. Offer small jars of brightly coloured cake-pops or stylish mini-macarons. But even better, personalise a tiny cake for each guest. Choose a bespoke design that reflects their personality or pipe their name in icing. That attention to detail will not be missed.

Lastly – I can see many same sex wedding couples taking these individual and miniature elements a step further. Try offering the wedding cake unbaked! Yes, all the ingredients for a miniature cake offered in pretty glass jars as a wedding favour, which can also be posted to any virtual guests. It plays to the renewed love of baking but is also a unique and fun element. Simply personalise tags around each jar. Arrange a zoom call after the wedding – for a Great British Bake-Off judging session!

Liz Taylor is founder and CEO of the Taylor Lynn Corporation, and has been at the forefront of the UK event scene for over thirty years. During this time, she has planned a wealth of private and celebrity weddings including that of Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright, Take That’s Howard Donald, Queen of the Jungle Jaqueline Jossa and football legend Gary Neville. │ Twitter: @taylorlynncorp │ Instagram: @taylorlynncorp │ Facebook: @taylorlynncorporation

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