Wedding Floral Trends 2018

Bold, adventurous, unconventional – this year’s wedding flower trends is all about making a statement, doing things that bit differently. Fashion-focused florist, Shilpa Reddy talks us through the floral trends of 2018.

Greens and whites remain a fail-safe wedding classic because they work so well together and create a fresh, clean feel.

Flower crowns are an enduring trend, too – whether you choose to to go for one that’s small and delicate and complements you theme or for more of a bold, strongly contrasting floral crown depends on the fashion trends at the time, and, of course, your own personal preference.

Loose, large, ‘fresh from the meadows’ bouquets and centrepieces are in for 2018; they were popular last year, too, but this year we’re seeing couples move away from blush tones in favour of strong, statement colours.

Feast tables generously decorated with foliage and subtly interspersed with floral colour are proving more popular than posies or centrepieces on individual tables.

Showstoppers like flower tunnels, flower walkways and canopies are also big this year as couples are going for the less-is-more look at guest tables, and using what they save on those arrangements for a magnificent floral masterpiece to feature prominently in their photo. Asymmetrical designs are popular., too.

Corsages are on their way out as flower jewellery comes to the fore. Brides in particular are requesting floral jewellery, such as flower bracelets and even earrings, for themselves and their bridesmaids. This particular trend is very reminiscent of Indian Weddings where intricate floral jewellery is prominent.

I love art inspired floral creations, in fact, three of my favourite wedding flower designs have been inspired by art and also by ‘dark’ styling. This floral feature was inspired by the great Dutch masters, see photo below and would work really well displayed on individual tables at a wedding in a boutique hotel.

Colour contrasts really interest me; I was recently asked to create bouquets and table arrangements for a red and white themed wedding. These colours are strikingly different, so I worked in a neutral background palette with a wild-meadow style finish to make them work together in unison.

About Shilpa
Shilpa Reddy began her career as an NHS doctor but couldn’t deny her creative self and love of flowers for too long, and launched her own floral business (Shilpa Reddy Flower Design) focusing on creating fashion forward floral designs for non-traditionalists. We came across her work through a couple of same-sex wedding shoots and asked her to talk us through the floral trends for 2018. View some of her floral wedding designs.

Image Credits

White and green tropical floral designs, flowers by Shilpa Reddy, images by Paola de Paola Photography
White rose bouquet by Shilpa Reddy, image by De Martini photography
Floral crown by Shilpa Reddy
Wild meadow bouquet via
Feast table foliage and flowers via
Floral canopy by Shilpa Reddy
Suspended wedding flowers via Shilpa Reddy Twitter
Indian inspired wedding flower jewellery via Pinterest
Art inspired floral design, by Shilpa Reddy
Red and white florals designs, by Shilpa Reddy

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