Winter Wedding Florals

Planning a winter wedding? Go all out on flowers to make all the difference to its aesthetic – and be inspired by our pictoral winter wedding flower ideas..

Planning a winter wedding? Going all out on the flowers and focusing on attention to detail where it counts can make all the difference to your overall day’s tone and aesthetic. Innovative East End florist, McQueens – which has stores in Bethnal Green and Claridges – says that tulips, ranunculus, amaryllis and hellebore make the perfect winter wedding flowers and although white “will forever be the number one choice for chic, understated winter weddings”, deep reds, plums, burgundies and aubergines “are brilliant for a stronger and more vibrant contemporary look.” With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some pictoral based beautiful winter wedding flower ideas.



Just because it’s winter don’t think that you can’t centre your decor around florals. An icy all white theme will look classic and spectacular; or make greenery your focus with trailing ivy and detailed wreaths studded with pine cones and berries.


Butonnieres take similar inspiration as bouquets, but greenery comes even more into it’s own: pine sprigs, thistle and even succulents all look stunning. Finish off by tying with theme fitting twine or an ice blue velvet ribbon.


It’s a good idea to make the most of greenery if you are marrying in the middle of winter, bulk out your bouquet with pretty sprigs of evergreens like pine and ivy. Flower colour palettes tend to be either frosty (whites and pale blues and greys) or very warm (reds and deep purples). Don’t be afraid to mix other things into your bouquet such as feathers or pine cones.

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