MAP: Countries Where Same Sex Marriage is Legal

In 2001, The Netherlands became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage, Belgium and Canada followed in 2003 and more have followed. LGBT rights are changing for the better, however homosexuality is still deemed illegal in more than 70 countries and territories – eight of which still apply the death penalty.

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Where is gay marriage legal? Know Before You Go

To help you plan your same-sex wedding or honeymoon abroad we’ve put together an interactive LGBT Rights map highlighting countries where same sex marriage is legal. Simply click on a country on the map to reveal its LGBT rights and same-sex marriage laws, or use the purple search box to highlight your country of choice, then click for details. Use the + and – icons to zoom in and out.

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Map of Countries where same sex marriage is legal via The Gay Wedding Guide - MAP: Countries Where Same Sex Marriage is Legal
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