Eco-Friendly Wedding & Engagement Rings

These rings are becoming more popular since many people want to go green nowadays. Not only do they provide an eco-friendly choice, but modern styles as well. Today you will …

These rings are becoming more popular since many people want to go green nowadays. Not only do they provide an eco-friendly choice, but modern styles as well. Today you will find a large selection of jewellery pieces made from recycled materials, non-conflict metals, and eco gems that are mined with care for the earth’s resources.

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What does it mean to be eco-friendly?

To be eco-friendly means to produce goods and services that have a reduced impact on the environment. Engagement & wedding rings are just one of the many choices out there today.

What are eco-friendly weddings & engagement rings?

Eco-friendly wedding & engagement rings are produced by sourcing and merging recycled metals and gems created with the utmost concern for the environment. They provide stylish options of jewellery pieces while still being conscious of our planet’s natural resources.

These eco-friendly materials include titanium, silver, gold, palladium, platinum, and more.

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Why are they important to consider?

There are many reasons to consider purchasing an eco-friendly wedding or engagement ring, and here are just a few of them:

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  • You’re starting your life together with someone dedicated to the environment and wants to be conscious about their impact on it.
  • You want to support the idea of environmentally friendly consumerism.
  • You want a ring that will last you for many generations to come and won’t have an environmental impact on this planet.
  • It is gorgeous with a timeless look! What could be more important than that?
  • You live a lifestyle conscious of our planet’s natural resources and want to ensure the metals have been mined with care for the earth.
  • You are looking to support eco-friendly businesses.
  • It is a perfect way to start your life together with someone who cares about making responsible choices when it comes to their impact on the environment while enjoying the stunning look of a beautifully crafted ring.
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Why do ethical & sustainable engagement rings matter?

With eco-friendly engagement rings, you’re not only purchasing a piece of jewellery that’s going to last you a lifetime with a timeless look. It also supports the idea of environmentally friendly consumerism while benefiting sustainable businesses and product choices for future generations.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Employing in developing countries. These countries use mining resources to provide more jobs in developing nations.
  • Providing low-impact methods for precious mining metals like gold & silver. It benefits our planet’s resources by not depleting them entirely while creating responsible practices that ensure the future of our natural resources.
  • Using recycled metals and gems that won’t deplete our planet’s natural resources is an eco-friendly choice.
  • Creating a gorgeous, strong, & long-lasting piece while ensuring responsible mining for future generations to enjoy their environmental beauty.
  • Supporting sustainable businesses with responsible practices in the fashion industry while reducing carbon footprints by purchasing an eco-friendly engagement ring.
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Where can you find eco-friendly engagement & wedding rings?

Many online shops sell these kinds of rings, and you can also find them in some local jewellery stores. You can do a quick internet search to see where they are offered near you. 

What are the types of eco-friendly rings available?

There are various types of eco-friendly rings available. Here are a few:

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Eco-wood rings 

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These rings are crafted from eco-wood, which is a sustainable material. It means that wood comes from responsibly managed forests and doesn’t contribute to deforestation or habitat destruction of any kind.

Recycled metal rings with recycled diamonds

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These engagement rings are crafted using recycled metals like gold & silver and blended with responsibly sourced diamonds mined or lab-created in an eco-friendly manner.

Sustainable materials engagement rings 

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These are crafted with sustainable materials like recycled metals, ethically sourced woods, and responsibly mined gems. They are free of harmful chemicals, paints & dyes.

Eco-friendly tungsten rings 

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Tungsten is a high-quality metal that is often used for wedding bands. However, it is not eco-friendly because the mining process can harm our planet’s natural resources. With eco-friendly tungsten rings, the company uses only recycled tungsten mined in an environmentally friendly manner without depleting our planet’s natural resources.

Ethically-sourced rings

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These use responsibly sourced materials and gems mined in an eco-friendly manner. It means they didn’t deplete our planet’s natural resources or contribute to any harmful practices with their mining, refining & manufacturing.

Organic rings

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These are crafted from naturally grown materials like wood, bamboo, waxes, and soy without harmful chemicals.

Eco-friendly bamboo rings 

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These are made from bamboo, a sustainable material that is naturally renewing and can be used as an alternative to wood & other materials for eco-friendly engagement & wedding rings. They come in many styles, and you can find them at many different online shops.

Alternative stones & gems 

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These are crafted using alternative materials that are often mined. They include amethyst, rhodonite, moonstone, citrine, opal, turquoise & others. It is an excellent choice for people who love the look of jewellery but want to be eco-friendly with their purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ethical ring?

Ethical rings specifically feature ethical diamonds or gemstones and settings made from recycled metals. They are typically manufactured with low environmental impact and don’t violate human rights. 

Are our diamond rings ethical & sustainable?

Diamond mining is historically destructive to the environment, and the concept that diamonds are rare is a completely manufactured idea. Many diamonds sold by large companies are hoarded and monopolized, creating a false sense of rarity. In the past, diamond mining and manufacturing have been steeped in slavery, abuse, and child labour. 

Are lab-grown diamonds conflict-free & eco-friendly?

Lab-grown diamonds are completely conflict-free and are 100% genuine diamonds. The environmental impact of lab-grown diamonds is significantly less than the detrimental effects of diamond mining. 

How are Lab Grown Diamonds Made?

There are two ways to create lab-grown diamonds – High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

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The HPHT pressurizes a diamond seed at approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch and is heated to over 2,700 Fahrenheit. The pressure and heat melt the carbon, forming the diamond around the initial seed.

The CVD method is used by placing a tiny diamond seed in a sealed chamber and heating it to over 1,400 Fahrenheit while filling the chamber with carbon-rich gas. The gas is then ionized into plasma which breaks down the molecular bond of the gas, causing pure carbon to stick to the seed to form the diamond.

Can you tell the difference in lab-grown diamonds?

No, lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are nearly identical. The only people who may tell the difference are trained gemologists using equipment specifically designed to identify a lab-grown diamond. 

How do I know if my diamond ring is ethical?

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Ultimately, you want to make sure you are asking the right questions of your jeweller. Don’t be afraid to ask any hard questions. Do your research. Ask to see the certifications and check the origins. Beware of vague answers and know the options that are open to you. A truly ethical ring will have a set of recycled metals in addition to having an ethical stone. 


Many people are looking for eco-friendly engagement & wedding rings, and many options are available to purchase. You can do an internet search to find where they are being sold near you or buy them online from one of the many sites that offer these kinds of pieces. It allows you to have a gorgeous piece of jewellery without sacrificing your commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Eva Tucker, writer for Brilliant Earth.

Eva Tucker
Author: Eva Tucker

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