Eco Friendly Wedding Rings Wild Fawn Jewellery Interview

What started out as a hobby became a full time occupation for Emma, as we found out when we met her at Etsy’s Rooftop Garden party…

I began making sterling silver and gold jewellery around Christmas time last year as more of a hobby, but then I enjoyed it so much that I knew I wanted to make a career out of it. As I’m self taught I learnt everything through either reading books or watching online tutorials so it feels surreal to see how far Wild Fawn has come as a brand!

I began selling on Etsy roughly around the same time as I started making, it’s a very risk free way of seeing how much people like your designs and people trust it because they can see reviews and number of sales so it’s a great starting point.

I love simple designs that are a little bit different – like using a hammered finish or making the piece sit in an unusual way. I also really enjoy making negative space jewellery like my ring that creates on open circle on the front of the finger. I usually get inspiration for new designs when I’m making another piece and I think of how it would look if I made it a different way – it’s a very organic process.


Wherever I can I use recycled sterling silver and gold, which I think a lot of people like as we are becoming more and more ‘eco conscious’. My gold wedding bands are made with either Fairtrade gold or eco gold, which is a really popular choice now as people are becoming aware of how Fairtrade supports workers worldwide. I think people like knowing that the piece of jewellery that symbolises their marriage has come from a good place.

When I begin working with a couple firstly I talk through any rough ideas they may have and go from there. By the time someone has got in touch, they’ve usually had a good browse online and have something in mind. Some couples want something really classic but others like unusual designs or take inspiration from other jewellery pieces they like. Everyone is so different which is why I love making wedding bands!


My most popular design is my textured wedding bands, people love them because of the way they reflect light and it also means that any marks or signs of wear and tear are hidden in the detail which is perfect for jewellery that’s worn everyday for years!

I’m not married yet but I hope to treat my wedding as one big party with lots of food, drink and live music. I think the key is just to be as relaxed as possible so there’s not much to do in the last few weeks running up to the wedding apart from getting excited – that’s my plan anyway!

If I was packing for my honeymoon, the first thing that would go into my bag would be a citronella candle as I have such a fear of mosquitoes! I put it on the balcony or take it to the beach if we’re having a night time picnic, I think candles add great atmosphere but also it repels the mosquitoes so it’s win-win.

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