Experts at Work: Indian and Peacock Gay Wedding Theme

Award-winning wedding planners, Shiraz Events tell us how they created a dramatic Indian and peacock wedding theme for Uday and Marc..


When Uday and Marc came to Shiraz Events to plan their wedding, they had a specific idea of what they wanted to achieve. Jason Mitchell Kahn of award-winning event planners, Shiraz Events, styled and planned the wedding, and explains why the couple opted for this dramatic Indian and peacock wedding theme and how it was captured so beautifully on the day.

“Uday and Marc wanted a modern twist and to honour their cultural backgrounds (Uday is Indian; Marc is Australian). Traditionally Indian weddings are very happy, colourful and last for days while Australian weddings are much more relaxed and less of a production.”

“We knew the couple liked teal and all shades of blues so we suggested peacock as the main design motif complemented with gold. Our second inspiration came from a lucky elephant.”


“Marc and Uday were married in traditional Indian attire, and one of their friends sang an acapella version of At Last for their processional music.”


“After the ceremony guests headed to ‘cocktail hour’ while the grooms made their outfit change into McQueen suits.”

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“For dinner we designed a luxury tablescape completed with traditional lanterns, henna votives, real peacock feathers, black and white calla lilies, juxtaposed navy blue and teal vases, miniature gold elephants and 24 carat gold cutlery.”


“We also worked with One Whitehall Place to create a custom menu to reflect the theme and both of their backgrounds. A calligrapher who specialises in Indian writing, was used to hand write all 100 escort cards.

“Various modern Indian courses were matched with premium wines from some of the best Australian vineyards. For dessert we chose a traditional Australian Pavlova with tropical fruit couli.

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“After a sumptuous dinner the grooms cut their wedding cake, which was crowned with a golden elephant and the Australian flag.”


“Guests were then invited to the candlelit Reading and Writing room for drinks. Decorated with incense sticks and floral arrangements, Indian umbrellas, traditional Indian cushions and simple but elegant cream sofas, the room looked magical.”


“Its centerpiece was a 24ft circular bar with custom made panels from behind which Shiraz’s model staff served a selection of cocktails, created bespoke for the occasion.”


“One of the cocktails, Path of the Rose, which comprises Ophir-spiced gin, Cointreau, Angostura Bitters, rose water, lime and lemon juice, and real rose petals, become our signature cocktail for the season. Shiraz is an ancient town in Persia, also known as a city of roses, poets, literature and art, and the distinctive, elegant and balanced taste of this particular cocktail underpins everything we, as company, stand for.”


“D.J. Lola kept the entire crowd dancing, but a choreographed dance performed by the grooms and their families to Say Na Say Na was a real highlight for the whole wedding party.”

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Kate Lovell
Author: Kate Lovell

Our very first writer for The Gay Wedding Guide with over 300 articles written. Unfortunately, she no longer writes for us as she left to focus on other copywriting and projects but she'll always have a dedicated place in our hearts here at The Gay Wedding Guide.

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