40 Awesome Lesbian Wedding Cake Toppers That Will Make Your Wedding Cake Stand Out

When it comes the time to celebrate love, couples tend to go all out with their wedding details.

Planning a wedding is not an easy thing, as there are many things the couples have to take into account. If you need more help with that, don’t forget to check our lesbian wedding checklist.

This post is all about celebrating love; we will help you out in choosing between 40 of the best lesbian wedding cake toppers for your big day.

From beautiful white foxes to personalised lesbian wedding laser cut models and lego cake toppers, there are so many same-sex wedding cake toppers available to you to help you add an extra element of stylish detailing to your wedding.

So why do cake toppers are important?

It is no secret that cake toppers transform the whole appearance of the cake and make it look more presentable. Not to mention that cake toppers compel you to eat the cake, even if you’re on a sugar diet.

If you want to have a fun and playful wedding, you must choose a wedding cake topper that includes a fun and naughty feature. After all, cake toppers elevate the presentation of the cake and turn it into a gorgeous art piece.

Playing around with your cake topper

There are many toppers you can choose from, and once you’ve got the right ideas, you can always customize it according to your preference to match it with your wedding theme.

The best way to choose the perfect customized same-sex wedding cake topper is by first identifying the likes of each other.

The more you play around with your cake toppers, the more exciting it turns out to be.

The more effort and work that is put into the cake topper, the more memorable it is. The topper will signify all the excitement, hard work, and memories that went into making your wedding day magical and have the perfect wedding cake cutting ceremony.

How to choose the right lesbian wedding cake topper?

A wedding cake without a cake topper is like eating cake without sugar.

So, if you really want to impress your guests with the perfect, yummilicious wedding cake, you have to touch up your cake with a gorgeous lesbian wedding cake topper.

If you’re too confused about choosing the right topper, don’t make the mistake of going with something too extravagant, it is always best to stick with something simple and decent.

It is also important to consider your guests’ preference and wedding theme in mind when choosing a wedding cake topper.

To help you out in this important decision making, mentioned below are our top 40 lesbian cake toppers that you will fel in love with.

1. Bike Brides

Lesbian Brides on a Vespa for Lesbian Wedding Cake Toppers

This is the cutest wedding topper ever! It includes two brides sitting on a white motorbike with bouquets in their hands.

It also signifies the beginning of a new journey with each other.

Bike brides made out of clay is a perfect addition to your wedding cake.

Made with love by Asia World on Etsy.

2. Porcelain Kitty Cake Topper

The topper includes two same-sex cats made out of glass, stuck together. There are even two small roses on their head with a small net veil.

Made with love by Lilis Inspiration on Etsy

3. Porcelain Fox Lesbian Cake Topper

The topper on the right consists of two small white foxes made of glass looking at each other. It also features a small pink heart-shaped rose on the head with a piece of net attached.

Made with love by Lilis Inspiration on Etsy

4. Bridal Wild Animals

This topper includes two cute penguins made out of clay, holding a bouquet with a small veil on their head.

Made with love by Passion Arte on Etsy

5. Hedgehogs Cake Topper

Animal wedding toppers are the cutest, especially this bridal penguin & bridal hedgehogs toppers.

Made with love by Silverpasta on Etsy

6. Wooden Love Birds

This is a rustic wooden topper, consisting of two lovebirds with the words ‘’We Do’’ carved on the bird’s body and a jute ribbon tied below each bird.

Made with love by Melys Weddings on Etsy

7. Kissing Fishes

If you are having a sea-themed wedding, this kissing fish topper has to be the best wedding cake topper. It features two kissing fishes with a wired heart coming out of the middle and a separate tag with your names and wedding date.

Made with love by Cortney Rector Wedding on Etsy.

8. Tiny Elephants

This handcrafted elephant topper truly symbolizes great things come in small packages. The topper includes two tiny elephants joining their trunks and a rainbow behind.

Made with love by Silver Pasta on Etsy

9. Clay Lesbian Brides

This lesbian bride’s topper is one of the most beautiful wedding cake toppers. This fine piece of art is made of clay and includes many details. You can get a customized lesbian brides’ topper according to your preference.

Made with love by Laurine’s Figurines on Etsy

10. ‘Just Married’ Banner

Made with love by

  1. Metallic Gold Mrs & Mrs Cake Toppers, by Rachel Emma Studio on Etsy
  2. Brides Kiss Holding Balloons Lesbian Cake Topper, by Topper for Wedding on Etsy
  3. Glitter Mrs & Mrs Laser Cut Wedding Cake Topper, by Couronne Boutique on Etsy
  4. Mrs & Mrs Script Acrylic Lesbian Wedding Cake Topper, by P2 Topper on Etsy
  5. Mrs and Mrs Lesbian Wedding Cake Topper in Wood (Customise with colour), by Alice Jade Designs on Etsy

11. Funny Wedding Cake Topper

It includes a bride made out of glass carrying her wife-to-be on her shoulder.

It symbolizes that your partner will take care of you forever.

These are the perfect lesbian wedding cake toppers to celebrate your big day.

Made with love by Unique Cake Toppers on Etsy

12. Cupid Heart and Arrow Topper

These unique toppers includes an arrow that goes through the middle of the cake. It also features a heart placed right on top of the cake. You can choose different colors and designs.

Made with love by Funky Laser on Etsy

13. Wooden Beach Chairs

This beach-themed topper includes two laidback Adirondack chairs with your name initial tag attached to each chair.

Made with love by Sugar Plum Cottage on Etsy.

14. Knitted Lesbian Wedding Topper

These toppers include two knitted doll brides and a separate colorful knitted heart. This wedding topper will weave your magical story on your wedding cake.

Made with love by Marigurumi on Etsy

15. Wooden Mrs & Mrs Topper

These are cute and subtle wedding toppers, perfect for a lesbian wedding. It features the phrase “We Do” made out of a wire with a cute themed flower placed around the topper.

Made with love by :

  1. Copper Maiden Jewelry on Etsy
  2. Art In Garage on Etsy
We Do Lesbian Cake Topper

16. Pink Geometric Flamingos

These geometrical flamingo cake toppers are perfect for a summery wedding and adds a very romantic touch to the cake.

Made with love by Z Create Design on Etsy.

17. Pet Lovers

These are wooden toppers for lesbian couples who love pets. The topper includes a silhouette of two brides kissing and their pet dogs on each side admiring them. If you are your bride are pet parents, this is the perfect cake topper for your wedding cake.

Made with love by Topper Room on Etsy

18. Wooden Porcelain Brides

This topper includes two pretty porcelain brides standing on a round wood surface, which also includes a small wood base and the names of the bride.

Made with love by Artwen Shop on Etsy

19. Moon Design Topper

These lovely toppers include a small triangular ”Just Married Banner” on a string attached to two sticks. The topper is decorated with handmade flowers and ribbon.

Made with love by:

  1. Friendly Events on Etsy
  2. Ineses Wedding Gallery on Etsy
  3. So Luvli on Etsy

20. Wooden Initials

This simple yet fancy topper includes both the brides’ initials in a wooden circle with a small heart attached in the middle.

Made with love by Sophia Victoria Joy on Etsy

21. Humming Birds

This topper includes two hummingbirds made out of lilac purple feather, attached to a tiny brown nest.

Made with love by Love Nesting on Etsy

22. Always & Forever

‘Always & Forever’ is a phrase that ensures you and your partner will stay together. This phrase topper made of gold paper with colorful fresh flowers sits on the cake.

Made with love by Sophia Victoria Joy on Etsy

23. Arrow Motif

These toppers include an arrow and a heart made of gold plated wire, connected to your wife’s and your initials.

Made with love by Le Rustic Chic on Etsy

24. Couple under the Tree

Simple yet elegant wooden topper featured against a wooden heart. Both of these are separate, and it is perfect for an autumn-themed or countryside wedding.

Made with love by:

  1. Marked Moments on Etsy
  2. Marked Moments on Etsy

25. Single Letter Cake Topper

This shimmery topper includes the initial of the couple’s sir name. It is made of moss. It is the perfect topper to add a glitzy flair to your wedding cake.

Made with love by The Crystal Klazit on Etsy.

26. Heart Brides

This topper includes a glittery black silhouette of two brides kissing on a moon and your names scripted on them. Get this topper to add a magical touch to your wedding cake.

Made with love by:

  1. Dogs Cake Topper from
  2. Simply3DCreations from Etsy

27. Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck

This cute topper includes a black silhouette of Minnie mouse and Daisy Duck kissing. The base of the topper includes MRS & MRS.

Made with love by Unique Cake Toppers on Etsy

28. A Beach Wedding

This is the perfect Beach-themed wedding topper for your cake. It includes a wooden silhouette cut out of two brides standing together under a palm tree and a little dog near them.

Made with love by Be Mine Gift on Etsy

29. Palm Tree Silhouette

These toppers includes a cute lesbian couple standing under a tree with black leaves and hearts; however, you can get a customized cake topper and change the color to match with your theme.

This is a perfect romantic LGBTQ+ wedding cake topper.

Made with love by:

  1. Custom Order House on Etsy
  2. Cake Topper House on Etsy

30. Cringy Phrases

There is nothing cuter than using cringy phrases as the wedding cake toppers. Phrases like ‘’She is my Lobster’’ carved on glittery material is the perfect cake topper. It will show your witty humor and bond with each other.

Made with love by RVSP Party Decor on Etsy.

31. Skeleton Brides

If you like these cake toppers, we’re sure you’ll also love our Haunted & Gothic: 13 Alternative Wedding Venues as well.

These skeleton bride’s toppers are perfect for a Halloween season wedding and will give your cake a dramatic look.

Made with love by Lil Fimo Toppers on Etsy

32. LOVE Topper

This topper includes a black silhouette of two brides holding a heart ring. This is a romantic way to start your big day.

Made with love by:

  1. Dogs Cake Topper from Etsy
  2. Dogs Cake Topper from Etsy
  3. Cake Topper Silhouette on Etsy
  4. Personal Gift Company from Etsy

33. Lego Land

If you are a Lego freak couple, this is the perfect wedding cake topper for you. It includes two brides and a big colorful brick heart all made out of Lego.

Made with love by Heart of Bricks on Etsy.

34. “We Do”

This is the perfect topper if you are having your wedding on an island. It features a black silhouette of two brides sitting under a palm tree with their names and wedding date attached beside.

Made with love by

  1. Topper Room from Etsy
  2. Cool Cake Toppers from Etsy

35. Diamond Rings

This is the perfect topper for a same-sex wedding cake. This topper includes a silhouette of two big diamond rings attached together, with Mrs. & Mrs. attached inside the rings.

Made with love by Charming Wooden Gifts from Etsy

36. The Perfect Phrase

This topper includes a laser cut out of the phrase ‘’She put a ring on it!’’ with a diamond ring right over it. This is just the right wedding cake topper for a lesbian wedding cake. Get this from Etsy.

Made with love by Miss Sarah Cake on Etsy

37. Superheroes Lesbian Brides

Superheroes inspired lesbian brides cake topper for us girls, just because we deserve it.

Made with love by New Topper Line from Etsy

38. Mrs & Mrs Topper

This topper includes big four letters spelling out love. You get any color letters that match your wedding theme. The letter O is shaped like a diamond ring and includes your wedding date.

Made with love by:

  1. Haymade Shop on Etsy
  2. Blue Butterfly Design on Etsy
  3. Best Wedding Décor on Etsy

39. Silhouette Acrylic Brides

This topper includes a silhouette of two brides of different heights looking at e one wearing a long gown and the other a suit.

The color of this topper is black; however, you can get it changed according to your preference.

Made with love by House Creations Gifts on Etsy.

40. There’s Nothing More Beatiful Than Your Own Names

Made to order Personalised Names Lesbian Wedding Cake Topper, with love by Epic Wood Designs on Etsy

Final Words

The best part about wedding cake toppers is that you can keep it with you as a remembrance after your wedding. Also, you may use it for the cake when celebrating your wedding anniversary every year.

These lesbian wedding cake toppers are the perfect accessory to turn your wedding cake into a delicious, stunning piece.

You do not want to miss a chance to add some spark to your wedding cake.

The best way to choose the right one is by following your theme, and you can customize most of these according to your preferences.

These top 40 wedding cake toppers should help you in choosing the perfect topper for your cake. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments bellow.

Get ready to take a huge step towards your big day and don’t forget to check our article if you’re interested in designing you perfect wedding cake.


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