19 Delicious Wedding Cake Flavor Combinations That Your Guests Won’t Resist

There’s a lot that goes into planning your special day. An aspect of wedding preparation that can cause a few headaches is cake flavors. You may like chocolate, whereas your bride or groom to be may prefer raspberry. What are you supposed to do in this scenario?

Well, we’re here to tell you that sometimes you can get your cake AND eat it – quite literally! You are no longer resigned to your classic fruit cake as was the case in the days of old – unless that’s something that you want.

There are a bunch of great wedding cake flavor combinations that can fit with a wide range of different tastes. So, without further ado, here are a few wedding cake flavor combinations to really tickle your tastebuds!

Prior Considerations

Woah – hold your horses! Before you go and choose your wedding cake flavors, there are a few different things to consider first.

To start with, there are a few things that will influence your decision. Things like the seasons, where the wedding will be held and what time of day the wedding will be can all change the cake decision that you make.

For instance, berries are usually considered to be summer staples. Berries sometimes just don’t taste as good during the winter months!

You may also be wondering about how to please the crowds. The best way to do this is to choose two different wedding cake flavors. This means that you will get your choice of flavor, and there will also be an alternative for other guests to enjoy.

Ultimately the wedding cake flavors should be the choice of the couple, as they are the ones getting married! You need to choose things that you are going to enjoy. With that being said, you might want to think about guests that have particular allergies, but they can also decline a slice of cake if they want to.

You aren’t pigeon holed into stereotypical cake choices either. If you want to combine caramel with raspberry for whatever reason, then go for it! You can even have a number of different layers, which will give you the opportunity to play with a couple of flavors.

If you’ve never looked for wedding cake flavor combinations before and the sheer amount of options sound a little daunting to you, you can ask your baker if they can create something special for you based on the main flavors that you are looking at including.

Think about if there are any significant flavors and tastes in your relationship – you will truly have a cake made with love and sentimentality this way.

The world truly is your oyster when it comes to selecting the best wedding cake flavor combinations, so here are just a few that are really fantastic.

The Best Wedding Cake Flavor Combinations

Chocolate Delights

Mmm, chocolate! If you’re a bit of a chocoholic, have we got some flavor combinations for you!

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake

There’s nothing quite like a decadent truffle cake. Fruity and chocolatey, this cake is perfect for justifying to yourself that you CAN eat 10 slices of cake because ‘it’s healthy, there’s fruit on it, and I’m getting married!’

The cake has a slight hint of Chambord Liquer on the top, with dark chocolate ganache and some raspberry preserves. You’ll be dreaming about this cake for weeks after your wedding, we promise!

Sultry Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake has been designed to give you an evening you will never forget. Consisting of cabernet curd, fresh raspberries, and some glorious French buttercream, this little number has us drooling just thinking about it.

You can even put it with a little bit of goats cheese to give the flavor a little bit more of a unique twist. Now, if we could only get married all over again just to eat this cake…

Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl

You’ve probably encountered this sweet flavor combination at least at some point in your life, but if you haven’t, let us remind you.

Combining soft vanilla with sexy, rich chocolate, this is a staple dessert that is sure to please the crowd. You can even switch it up a little bit by adding a few different types of chocolate, or perhaps by placing a few strawberries on top for that extra citrus taste.

Chocolate Decadence Cake

Some people just need a little bit of bitter chocolate taste to really get their taste buds tingling. Dark chocolate is perfect for just that, and the chocolate decadence cake is certainly for the dark chocolate fan.

Featuring a dark chocolate cake, with some Amaretto, chocolate buttercream and dark chocolate ganache, this cake will leave you craving for more. You may want to get a cake with about 10 layers to truly satiate everyone’s cravings…

Cafe Latte Cake

Need something to keep you awake through all the excitement? How about a delectable cafe latte cake? This exciting concoction is a layered chocolate cake and roasted almond cake.

On top, Kahlua is sprinkled and the cake is filled inside with chocolate expression buttercream and gorgeous dark chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Chip Cake

This is a personal favorite of ours! If you’ve ever wondered whether you can have a cookie cake, well we’re pleased to tell you that the answer is kind of yes!

This cake features standard vanilla cake with stunning little chocolate chips dotted throughout. You could even ask for a chocolate outer layer and some strawberry toppings if you’re looking for a little bit of extra flavor!

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

So long as you or your guests don’t have allergies, this is a fantastic choice for a wedding cake!

It tastes a little bit like Nutella, so if you are a fan of that chocolatey hazelnut goodness, you are going to love this one!

Fruit, Vegetables and Citrus Flavors

There’s nothing quite like some citrus tastes to tickle the tastebuds and give a cake a bit of a cake. Here are a couple that we love.

Chocolate Orange Citrus Cake

Photographer Victor Protasio, Food Stylist Chelsea Zimmer, Prop Stylist Thom Driver

Who would have ever anticipated that orange, cake and chocolate would be such a stunning combination?

This unique little offering consists of a chocolate cake with Grand Marnier, dark chocolate ganache and sprinkle of orange marmalade. It may not be to everyone’s liking but it sure is an interesting combination!

Caramel Apple

It’s your wedding day – the leaves are falling, the air is getting colder – your wedding dress even has sleeves! In the spirit of the glory of Fall, you will absolutely love this Caramel Apple cake!

This is an apple spice cake with some roasted apples, a little bit of brown sugar mousse and a generous helping of caramel buttercream. It’s especially wonderful if you have a barn venue or a similarly rustic vibe going on.

Key Lime

Craving a little bit of key lime pie? Why not have a key lime wedding cake?

You can have a little bit of cream with some oregano to really bring out that lime flavor. Oh, what delicious citrus goodness!

Lemon Cake

The bitterness of lemon can go great with a wedding cake. You can combine the lemon with some burnt caramel and some cream in order to make it extra delicious.

In fact, it goes well with a bunch of different herbs and tea flavors too, so if you do want something a little more unique it’s a great option for you.

Carrot Cake

There’s nothing quite like a fresh carrot cake, especially during the midst of Fall.

We all know what a classic carrot cake consists of, but some bakers will add extra nice details such as pineapple, nuts or raisins. You can even add some cream cheese frosting to make this an extra delicious savory treat.

Strawberries and Cream Cake

This is the perfect wedding cake to enjoy during those glorious summer months where the strawberries are deliciously ripe.

This cake features a vanilla based and it has little sliced strawberries dotted throughout the cake. How fresh!

Lemon Summer Berry

This gorgeous vanilla cake has generous helpings of lemon mousse and has some fresh raspberries or strawberries on top. It doesn’t get more citrus than this, and we love it!

Bananas Foster

You may not have heard of this one before, but we promise it is truly delicious.

This scrumptious dessert consists of butter cake with a banana and caramel filling. It also includes rum and cinnamon. Stunning!

Citrus Buttermilk

Let your cake take you to a far off, tropical land with this Citrus Buttermilk cake.

It includes a gorgeous citrus cream filling and lemon curd. Scrumptious!

Now For Something Completely Different…

If vanilla cakes with soft buttercream don’t tickle your tastebuds, you may be on the market for something more unique. Boy, do we have the cakes for you…

Citrus and Mint Meringue

This cake is a multi layer offering including a citrus cake with some citrus meringue buttercream, and a chocolate orange cake on top that has mint meringue buttercream.

Truly delicious, and a tantalizing tangy taste you will adore.

Something a Little Nutty

There’s nothing quite like the taste of some roasted nuts to get you in the mood for a slow dance. Here are a few we know you’ll love.

Southern Hazelnut Praline Cake

This is a scrumptious cake for the Hazelnut lover! It features a vanilla cake that has a little bit of Frangelico on top.

Inside, the cake is full of hazelnut praline buttercream and a little helping of dark chocolate ganache. Your tastebuds will be dancing the night away…

Peanut Butter Cup

This is certainly a love letter to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, so if you love those then you are going to love the Peanut Butter Cup cake!

This cake is many things – salty, nutty and sweet.

What it is most of all though is delicious. This cake incorporates a chocolate cake that has peanut butter buttercream and some peanut butter and chocolate ganache.

On top, put a few Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. A glorious nutty, chocolatey delight!


Yum! Writing this guide really made us want to get married all over again just for an excuse to try each and every one of these delectable flavor combinations! Hopefully we’ve helped you to have some inspiration for your own wedding cake.

There are so many flavor combinations out there that it can be tricky to choose, but it’s your wedding and you can choose whatever you want to – you could even attempt to combine a number of different flavors if you’re feeling particularly daring!

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