Stephen Einhorn: Interview

“We made a deliberate choice to make everyone feel welcome” Stephen Einhorn started off working as a model maker in film and advertising before training as a silversmith and launching …

“We made a deliberate choice to make everyone feel welcome”

Stephen Einhorn started off working as a model maker in film and advertising before training as a silversmith and launching his self-named business with his wife in 1995. Since then, his rings have adorned the hands of Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt, Charlie Therzon, and, of course, us. We chatted with him to find out why the LGBTI market is so important to him and why he’s launched a dedicated LGBTI wedding and engagement ring area on his website…

“We have always thought it was ridiculous to discriminate against anyone for their sexuality but unfortunately this still happens. Our jewellery has always appealed to the LGBTI community and that’s because we made a deliberate choice to try and make everyone feel welcome and accepted. We want our LGBTI customer’s to see by looking at our website that we welcome and value them. I hope our customers feel that about us.

“If there were no longer instances when a gay or lesbian couple or a transgender person and partner went into a shop to buy their engagement or wedding rings and were made to feel uncomfortable, we wouldn’t have created this section on our website. We are all humans, but sadly society doesn’t always see the differences between us that way, and the reality is that a lot of retailers and sales assistants are not as open minded.

“We can make anything for anyone. If you are a size Z, for instance, but you wanted a 1-carat solitarie engagement ring, we can make it for you. And although we categorise some of our images as men’s and women’s for general research purposes (you generally do find that some designs are bought more by men and others more by women) we like to leave the choice up to the individual.

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“People want an engagement ring that is contemporary and stylish but they also want a design that will stand the test of time. These rings are all classic styles with a modern twist, and our most popular LGBTI engagement rings are:Geo Elipse Eternity Ring 18 Carat Yellow Gold & Diamonds, £9,428Bright Light Engagement Ring Platinum & Diamond, £4,765Times Square 4 Ring Platinum & Princess Diamond, £4,772Halo 4 Cushion Cluster Ring, £2,966Enamel Geo Elipse Ring, £887.

“Our Liquid ring (which is totally unique and wonderfully tactile) and our Angel wedding rings (which have a discreet middle edge to them) are very popular choices for LGBTI wedding rings. Couples come to us for their wedding bands as we offer simple designs with a difference. We’ve also noticed that more couples are adding stones to their wedding rings with personal engravings on the inside. It’s all about personalisation here.
Liquid Slim Ring, £901
Angel Slim Wedding Ring, £1,052
Circle Of Light 1 Carat Full Eternity & Wedding Ring, £4,129
Metal Geo Elipse Slim Ring, £1,485
Halo Extra Slim Wedding Ring, £547.

“It’s about 50:50 on whether people come to us before the proposal or as a couple. Often we get a very nervous customer who knows how and when they are going to pop the question but not the style of the ring. What we advise them to do is to buy a style they really like that we already have, pop the question, and then come back together to get the right size made or to change the style completely. That way there are fewer disappointments and everyone gets what they want.

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“It’s a very individual thing though, as some partners know exactly the style their loved one would like and even their ring size which is impressive!

“Not all LGBTI couples buys engagement rings – some buy jewellery as an engagement gift. Around 95% buy rings to symbolise their engagement, but we do have couples who prefer something like matching pendants, and of course we are always happy to make those as well.

“People are being more adventurous with their jewellery and are investing in a few carefully chosen quality designs that reflect their style and personality as opposed to buying lots of more generic, cheaper high-street pieces.

“Our Signet rings are incredible popular, whether a design from our mainline collection or a bespoke commission. We have made them in two-tone precious metals, set with pavé stones and enamelled to create a lovely and very individual piece.”

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Kate Lovell
Author: Kate Lovell

Our very first writer for The Gay Wedding Guide with over 300 articles written. Unfortunately, she no longer writes for us as she left to focus on other copywriting and projects but she'll always have a dedicated place in our hearts here at The Gay Wedding Guide.

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