Best Wedding Bands for Mechanics

We’ve put together the complete guide to help mechanics find the perfect wedding band, that they can wear without fear.

The exchanging of wedding bands during the wedding ceremony is a tradition that has been around for thousands of years. 

Many people with practical careers struggle to pick wedding bands that will work with their everyday lives and often end up not wearing them at work. 

Mechanics particularly struggle with this. So, we’ve put together the complete guide to help mechanics find the perfect wedding band, that they can wear without fear. This includes a buyers guide, wedding band FAQ, and our top 5 picks of mechanic-friendly wedding bands. 

Read on to find out more. 

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Pick 

1. MJ Metals White Tungsten Classic Wedding Ring

There are so many reasons to fall in love with the MJ Metals White Tungsten Classic Wedding Ring. 

Firstly, it comes at an astonishing price for something that you will get so many years of use out of. And this ring will last you, it’s made from Tungsten (see our buyer’s guide below for more detail), which is perfect for manual labor workers like mechanics.

There are 9 width options and multiple sizes of this ring available, which allows you to get the ring you want, without having to compromise on price or durability. 

Lastly, this ring comes in a gorgeous mock-platinum color, it is near impossible to tell the difference with the naked eye. It allows you to get the look of platinum with the benefits of Tungsten.  

This ring might truly be the answer to all your wedding band woes. Not only is the ring well-priced, majorly customizable, and beautiful but it is also made from an incredibly strong metal.

We’ll mention it repeatedly throughout this article, but we think Tungsten really is a metal mechanic should consider getting their wedding bands made out of. It’s dense, tough, and doesn’t scratch easily.

Add to this that it can be polished to look like platinum for a percentage of the price and you have a winner.  This ring comes in 9 width options ranging from 2mm (a thin ‘ring’ like band) through to 10mm, including 6mm which is the average wedding band size. Multiple sizes are available too.

We love this ring because it has a sleek and classic look to it. We love the cool mock-platinum color. We love the smooth, rounded edges that don’t catch on anything. We love the scratch-resistant high shine finish. 

One thing to bear in mind with this ring is that the seller recommends buying it in a size smaller than your actual ring size. 


  • Made from strong metal Tungsten 
  • Amazing Price 
  • Lots of sizes and widths available
  • Mock-platinum color 


  • Buyers recommend buying a size smaller 

2. Tigrade Titanium Ring

For those who want something easy  to clean 

Titanium is another one of the top metals mechanics should be looking into for their wedding bands. It has one main benefit that may make it more desirable to you than Tungsten or Platinum. 

Titanium is celebrated for its ability not to tarnish in wet environments, traditionally it is used for underwater construction. This ring will be able to survive getting covered in oil and then getting washed on a daily basis. 

Like our number one choice, this is also an incredibly well-priced, well-reviewed ring. It has fantastic reviews from thousands of customers. It comes in a choice of sizes and widths, so there is an option for everyone. 

However, there have been a few complaints about both the 8mm and the 10mm rings being much wider than advertised. One reviewer said the 10mm ring was so wide and disproportionate to their fingers that they couldn’t stop laughing at it.  


  • Titanium can withstand heavy cleaning 
  • Excellent Price 
  • Made from a strong metal 
  • Comes in different sizes and widths
  • Trusted and well-reviewed product 
  • Doesn’t tarnish in wet conditions


  •  8mm and 10mm sizes are wider than advertised

3. King Will 6mm Wedding Band Tungsten

For those who need something extra tough 

This Tungsten ring from King Will comes with a lifetime warranty and recommendations from over 2000 customers. 

Tungsten is one of your top three recommended materials for mechanics to have their wedding bands made out of. It’s four times tougher than platinum and is very difficult to scratch or damage. The ring also comes with a lifetime warranty so you can feel comfortable wearing this in any situation. 

This ring comes at a fantastic price and has over 2000 rave reviews online. 

This ring comes in a large range of sizes and fits true to size. One thing to bear in mind is that this is a thick ring that sits well above the finger, it also has square edges. These two factors combined mean it is very likely to get caught whilst you are working, and damage what you’re working on, or yourself.   


  • Extremely well priced 
  • Made from a super tough metal
  • Large range of sizes 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Trusted and well-reviewed product  


  • This is the chunkiest ring on the list 
  • The above combined with square edges means it will likely catch a lot 

4. Theia Platinum 4mm Classic

For those looking for something classic 

This platinum ring from Theia Jewelry is perfect for those of you who are looking for a more traditional option that gives you most of the benefits that the strong metal alloys can provide. 

Platinum is a great choice for those who work with their hands, and the curved edges of this ring help to prevent it from catching on anything, as the edges are flush to your fingers.

There are two small downsides to this ring. 

Firstly, it is a very thin ring – only 4mm – so it is more of a ‘ring’ than a band. It is not the traditional wedding band shape. 

Secondly, it is much, much pricier than everything else we’ve mentioned so far. However, this is a consequence of having a ring made from more precious metal.  


  • Sleek, classic design 
  • Platinum is a hardy metal 


  • One of the more expensive options on the list 
  • Thin ring 

5. Platinum Princess-cut Diamond Wedding Band

For those that want a little bit of sparkle 

This Platinum and diamond band from La4ve Diamonds is a great option if you’re a mechanic looking for something a little less traditional. 

The ring is made from platinum which is a tough metal and great for those who work with their hands as it doesn’t lose its shape easily.

Diamonds are also a great option for practical workers as they are one of the toughest materials on earth. They are more likely to scratch what you’re working on then get scratched. 

Unfortunately, this ring comes in a limited size range – which is best suited for those of you with smaller fingers. 

This is one of the most expensive rings on this list as it is made of platinum (which has a high price point due to its rarity) and is full of diamonds.

However, for the number of diamonds and the amount of platinum you get with this ring, it is actually quite a steal.  


  • Platinum is a strong metal 
  • Beautiful 
  • Diamonds are strong and difficult to scratch


  • More expensive than the rest of the list (but still a good price for the number of diamonds) 
  • Only comes in a small range of sizes  
  • Square edges can catch 

6. ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring

For those who don’t want to compromise 

Our final option is a little left-wing, but it may be an option that appeals to a lot of you. ROQ offers a range of Silicone wedding bands that are designed to mimic traditional wedding band styles. 

The rings are a great option to wear at work, while you leave your real ring at home, or wear it around your neck. The silicone ring can then be swapped out for the real one after work.   

This could be an appealing option for those of you who would really like a ring made from softer metals like gold and don’t want to damage it at work – or for anyone who just wants to keep their wedding band safe. 

Buyer’s Guide: Best Wedding Bands (for mechanics)

There are a few decisions you have to make before you start hunting for the perfect wedding bands. It can be an overwhelming process, so we’ve put this buyer’s guide together to help streamline that process for you. 

Work through all the sections below and you’ll be ready to find yourself the perfect wedding bands. 

Size  – The most important thing to start with when looking for a wedding band is working out what size ring you need. 

If you have an engagement ring, you will already have a pretty good idea of your ring size and can move on to the next section, if not carry on reading. 

There are two main ways to find out your ring size. Firstly you could visit a goldsmith and have them measure your finger for you. The second option is to use an at-home finger size testing kit. 

There are two versions of the at-home testing kit. Plastic Size Gauges, and a Mandrel and Metal Gauges Set   

Firstly, you can get Plastic Size Gauges – like these ones. They look similar to cable ties. Simply wrap around your finger and tighten until it slightly grips, but there is still a little movement. The small arrow on the band will be pointing to your required size. With this method it is imperative that you do not make this ring too tight, otherwise the band you buy may not fit. 

Secondly, you can purchase a Mandrel and Metal Gauges set – like this one. These are the sets used by Goldsmiths to measure ring sizes and are more reliable than using plastic size gauges. They come with a Mandrel that you can use to measure the sizes of any rings you already have or a ring of metal size gauges that you can use to find the perfect ring size for your finger. 


Mechanics need to pick a material that is hardy enough to survive day to day life at their job to make their wedding bands out of. Here is a breakdown of the key ring metals and how they could work for you – 

  • Gold – The traditional wedding ring is gold. However, gold is a soft metal, and the higher the carat, the softer it is. Mechanics will want to avoid gold, as it will easily get misshapen. 
  • Copper – This is a tough metal, with a lovely color. However, it conducts both electricity and heat too well to be a viable choice for a mechanic. You do not want to risk electric shocks or burns. 
  • Silver – Silver, unfortunately, is both a soft metal (and therefore not appropriate for mechanics) and is also an enthusiastic conductor of electricity. Both of these factors mean that mechanics should avoid silver. 
  • Platinum – Platinum is a great metal for mechanics to consider making their wedding rings out of. It is one of the strongest metals on the planet. It is dense (twice as heavy as silver), and takes knocks well. The one downside is that it has a high price point due to its rarity. 
  • Tungsten – Tungsten is another great option for a mechanic’s wedding band. It is 4 times as strong as Platinum and 10 times stronger than gold. It is almost impossible to scratch and misshapen. Tungsten rings tend to be well priced as the metal is not particularly trendy, despite being practical and having a silvery hue. 


Now that you’ve picked your base metal it’s time to pick the finish you want. 

  • Polished – This is the traditional finish for most rings, however any scratches will show up very obviously. Scratches can often be buffed out. 
  • Matte – On a matte finish it is harder to see scratches. It does require more maintenance as rings naturally ‘polish’ themselves with wear – so matte rings require occasional re-mattifying.  
  • Colored band – Some Tungsten rings come with plating on them – this may include matte black plating all over the ring or a band of bronze plating at the center of the ring. As these wear away, they will need to be replated. 
  • White and rose gold rings are actually gold rings that have been put through a chemical treatment to change their color. This is not permanent and these rings need to be re-dipped once every two years. 
  • Textured/Brushed – Textured rings are purposefully scratched to give them more character, they hide scratches well, but like matte rings, they will begin to naturally polish themselves as time goes on. 


The two main shapes of wedding bands are rounded edges and square edges. We recommend that mechanics look at getting rounded edges on their wedding bands as they are less likely to catch on anything at work. 

Does it match your partner’s band? 

The next choice you want to make is whether you and your partner will have matching wedding bands. It was traditional for couples to have matching bands, but this is becoming more and more uncommon. 

Most couples tend to pick different bands that match their own personal tastes. 

Wedding Band FAQs

Where does the tradition of wedding bands come from?

The Western tradition of spouses exchanging wedding rings can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where rings were included in the bride’s dowries.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, evidence has been found that shows exchanges of hemp or reed-based rings in Ancient Egypt. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eTraditionally the wedding ring is worn day and night, and it is not taken off.

Traditionally, who wears the wedding band?

Both partners traditionally wear wedding bands. If the wedding bands sit next to an engagement ring, it may be shaped differently so the rings fit together.

Can Wedding Bands be resized?

This completely depends on the ring itself. Your best option is to take it to a goldsmith for an assessment.

What are wedding band tattoos?

Some people chose to get tattoos on their ring finger instead of, or as well as, getting a wedding band made.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWhat form these tattoos take can vary. Some get a tattoo in the shape of a wedding band, while others have got their partner’s initials tattooed on their finger. However, your options are not limited to just these two things.

Do white and rose gold stay that color forever?

They do not, the process of changing a gold ring into a rose or white gold ring is called dipping. The ring is dipped into a chemical solution that causes the surface of the ring to change color.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOver time the ring will return to its original color. So you will have to get your ring re-dipped every other year or so, depending on how much wear and tear it goes through.
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