Best Wedding Rings For Police Officers

With conventional wedding bands and jewelry banned for safety reasons, there are still ways for officers of all genders and creeds to show their commitment to their loved ones with a silicone wedding band.

As a police officer, your number one priority will always be staying as safe as possible. With body armor, guns, tasers, batons, and helmets amongst the myriad of protective police equipment, you always want to be certain that there are no gaps in your safety protocols.

With conventional wedding bands and jewelry banned for safety reasons, there are still ways for officers of all genders and creeds to show their commitment to their loved ones with a silicone wedding band.

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When shopping for a wedding band, a police officer who faces the front line every day will no doubt be looking for a wedding accessory that matches the resilience and bullet-proof qualities of their Kevlar vests and reinforced helmets. Well, made of high-quality durable silicone, police officers can be certain that these wedding bands can take a hell of a beating.

However, you might not see a lot of these at your conventional jewelry store, as their primary purpose is to sell glitzy, impractical and, most importantly, very expensive wedding bands to couples. These cheap and tough wedding bands are simply not an effective way that jewelers can make a profit.

But don’t sweat jewelers, that’s what makes a silicone ring so perfect – it is not a replacement for a traditional wedding ring, simply an alternative to one. The cheap price tag making it an even more alluring prospect for a police officer.

So where can a police officer find one of these peculiar items of jewelry? What are the unique qualities that a silicone ring has that won’t hinder the work you do in the field? Do they have any of the stylish elements of the conventional wedding ring? How much can a silicone wedding band be looking to set you back?

Stand down, officers, we can assist you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best silicone rings currently available, along with a handy buyer’s guide of what you should be looking for in your alternative wedding band, finally rounded off with some of the most frequently asked questions by officers about alternative wedding rings.

Best Wedding Rings For Police Officers

1. Enso Rings Thin Contour Silicone Ring

Our first choice of silicone ring is a very popular brand that is very well-reviewed on Amazon, handmade in the USA, it comes in a variety of sizes and colors. When walking the streets you can be confident in displaying your commitment to your partner in a modest style that certainly won’t jeopardize your safety – introducing the Enso Rings Thin Contour Silicone Ring.

There’s plenty of colors to choose from in these unisex rings, from eye-catching Peacock Quartz to flamboyant Rose Gold or for those officers who don’t necessarily want to draw attention to their marriage band, a simple Black Pearl to match their uniforms.

These rings look very modern, even futuristic, with a simple straight double-banded design, extremely thin and lightweight, which won’t distract you from any of your tasks.


  • An unobtrusive yet sophisticated wedding band, you won’t find this catching on anything when performing in the line of duty.
  • Coming in a wide variety of metallic-style colors, you can pick a ring that suits you and your partner’s unique union.
  • The Ultralite technology makes this a must-have for anyone who works in a hazardous, potentially dangerous work environment, whether it be nurses, support workers or firefighters.


  • With small grooves between the double banding, this could accumulate dirt when worn for a long period. So make sure that you wash with hot water and vinegar regularly.

2. ThunderFit Men’s Silicone Wedding Bands

Next up is another very popular wedding band brand, it comes at an extremely reasonable price, so an officer looking for a supplementary work ring doesn’t need to worry about breaking the bank when buying this. With its stretchable silicone material, no police officer will have to worry about going into dangerous and unpredictable situations with this wedding band – Thunderfit Mens Silicone Wedding Band.

The Thunderfit wedding bands are sold both individually and in packs of 4 or 7 for less than $15! That’s pretty astounding value, considering they also come in a variety of colors and different metal finishes.

These rings are fashioned from premium silicone, which will help to avoid accidents such as ring avulsion and amputation – both common occurrences for police officers on active duty. These hypo-allergenic rings are more than suitable for anyone who has a job where they simply can’t wear a traditional wedding ring.


  • These rings are so thin you almost could miss them, at 10mm wide, this is perfect for officers who want to avoid drawing attention to a potential weakness in their defenses.
  • With a simple one-band design, you can count on this ring giving you the maximum level of comfort whilst you’re out in the field, which is important when minimizing distractions that might put you in further danger.
  • These rings sit very close to the finger, which will also reduce the risk of them catching on things.
  • The price – you can purchase multiple rings for both you and your partner to wear during the day, switching back to your old rings when clocking off during the evenings.


  • At 10mm wide, these rings might be simply too loose for some officers.
  • The limited color palette might dissuade officers who want even a modicum of style.

3. ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Men

Next, we have a ring that offers the wearer something a little different in a silicone and rubber blend to assure the wearer has the maximum degree of safety and comfort.

These wedding rings are hypo-allergenic and medically graded, meaning that both are super hygienic and will reduce the risk of infection – introducing the ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring For Men.

These rings have a highly sophisticated look, with a satin-brushed finish. They also come in an affordable 4 pack, which means that you and your partner can mix and match styles. The silicone portions of the ring accentuate the rubber with a sleek metal finish.

The rubber component means that the ring will have more give, it will break itself before it breaks your finger!


  • The unique combination of rubber and silicone gives you a reliable and very resilient ring, perfect for officers who anticipate seeing a lot of action in the field.
  • The versatility of these rings are very impressive, with a range of colors and material types in one single pack of 4, you can purchase a ring that will reflect the uniqueness of your relationship.
  • Affordable – with 4 stylish rings in a pack for under $15, you can mix and match with your partner, both having a different ring for each day of the week.


  • These bands are thicker than average, which some smaller-fingered wearers might find uncomfortable.
  • These might not come in the wide array of colors that a lot of married couples might be looking for.

4. SafeRingz Metallic Silicone Wedding Ring

Next, we have a very durable and very stylish metallic wedding ring that has the look of a conventional wedding band but without any of the practical shortcomings.

Coming in a range of regal colors, you can celebrate the relationship and commitment to your partner in the most traditional manner without sacrificing your safety in the process – introducing the SafeRingz Metallic Silicone Wedding Ring.

The SafeRingz do live up to their namesake, manufactured as they are from a pliable silicone that hugs close to the finger and won’t catch and cause severe breakages and amputations. These wedding bands come in a 6mm width, which makes it an option for both men and women in the forces.

These rings might be a bit pricier than some of the other silicone rings on this list, but you only have to pay a few dollars more for that added touch of class.


  • The look – these silicone rings are the ones off this list that most closely match the conventional, metallic style of wedding band, which will be a must-have for those who value a traditional marriage aesthetic.
  • The silicone body of this ring is pliable and stretchy, which means that you won’t have to worry about it getting snagged if you’re in a particularly dicey situation. Also, if this wedding band breaks, you can always purchase a replacement for just over $20.
  • When purchasing the SafeRingz, a portion of the proceeds will be donated towards the troops, which is perfect if you are inclined to support other services.


  • Some users have complained that the sizing is not as indicated.
  • You will have to pay a small fee if you request a replacement.

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re an officer that is active in the field, that safety and security will be paramount, yet most officers will still want to represent their marriage when on duty, as it gives them extra security and peace of mind – a symbol of everything they are striving to protect.

Consider your wedding band as an extra part of your gear. It has to be safe and reliable and not jeopardize your safety. That’s why silicone wedding bands are the ultimate choice for police officers all around the world. But what properties are essential for an on-duty wedding band?


Ideally, you want a wedding band that rests close to the finger, so that it doesn’t catch on any objects that may yank the finger and cause some serious injury. However, you also don’t want a ring that is too snug to the finger and might see you sweating during service. You want to have something with plenty of breathing space that won’t chafe and cause irritation.

All of the rings listed above have been made from high-grade silicone that is very easy to clean – all you need is soap and hot water to disinfect these wedding bands.

Function Versus Fashion

The choice between functionality and fashionability does not have to be an either/or scenario. You can find plenty of silicone bands that come in durable, flexible material and a wide range of very attractive colors, some of which reflect the sheen and texture of a metal wedding band.

Give your uniform that personal touch by picking out your replacement wedding band with your partner, so that you’ll think of them whenever you gaze at your hand while on duty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Silicone The Best Material For A Police Wedding Band?

Silicone is a kind of rubbery type material, however, it has very noticeably different properties to rubber, one of which being it’s higher heat tolerance and added breathability. You can stretch silicone easily on and off your fingers, circulating more air to your fingers.

Medical grade silicone is that which has been officially sanctioned by health authorities to be used in medical professionals, meaning that they greatly reduce the risk of infection.

This will come in handy if you’re an officer thinking of wearing your ring on multiple shifts in which you expect to be exerting yourself and working up a sweat. Silicone rings are also highly resistant to oils and brake fluid.

What Is The Best Method Of Cleaning A Silicone Wedding Band?

To clean a silicone wedding band is very simple, all you need is a small brush with soft bristles – buy yourself a toothbrush for this specific purpose.

Then take half a cup of vinegar, a quarter of hydrogen peroxide, and mix them into a cup of boiling water.

Then drop your silicone wedding band into the mixture and leave for a minimum of 35 minutes, or overnight if you want that thoroughly clean. By the time the water has cooled, you should have a perfectly clean ring for the start of your next shift. However, if you’re having trouble locating some hydrogen peroxide, a simple mixture of vinegar and hot water will do the job just as well.
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