10 Coolest Ways To Ask: Will You Be My Right Hand Peep?

If you are looking for inspiration to ask your closest friends to be one of your right hand wingers on your wedding day, try these for size.

From colourful confetti pops to personalised gift boxes and wit-filled cards, we think you’ll find the perfect way to ask your besties to be by your side with our 10 Coolest Ways to ask ‘will you be my bridesmaid / bridesman / usher / maid of honour?’… you get the picture.

With one big puff

Present your wish-list of bridesmaids with a fabulous blow up balloon complete with the message ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’. How could anyone say anything but ‘YES!’ This one is by White Knot on Etsy, £3.50.

A Bubble-Filled Cheers

Ask your best friends to be your bridesmaids or maids of honour with a bottle of their favourite wine or fizz. You could get them to crack it open whilst you’re there for a wedding ‘cheers’!

Heaven Scent

A personalised candle with their names on the jar is a gorgeous way to ask your favourite cheerleaders to stand beside you on your big day.

With Wit

If you and your friends love a good laugh, make your request humorous via a witty card, like these. From L-R: Pinterest; Drunk and Dancing, by DoYouPunctuate on Etsy, £3.44; Suit Up and be My Groomsman by LolaandElvis on Etsy, £2.25; Help Keep my Shit Together by DoYouPunctuate on Etsy, £3.44.

Confetti Shower

Present them with a confetti pop containing your very own ‘secret’ personalised message asking them to be one of your right hand peeps! This one’s by PopsofColour on Etsy, £4.00.

Pamper Power

How can they resist your request when you present them with a pamper-in-a-box?

The Personal Touch

We love this idea of a personalised glass and presentation box: an everlasting gift that will always remind your bridesmaids, maids of honour, best women or men of their supportive role on your wedding day. Not recommended, however, for clumsy friends!

Blinging Symbolims

Go for delicate earrings or necklaces, or something with more bling – choose the jewellery style according to your friend and present them with this fabulously symbolic gift to wear on your big day. These earrings are by the Luna Emporium on Etsy, £16.00

Pieces that Fit

If you want to make your ask a little more cryptic, a message puzzle is the perfect gift – and great if you watch their expressions as they piece it together.

Find your feet

Brilliantly fun idea for your friends to wear before, after or even on your wedding day. L-R: Bridesmaid socks via Pinterest; Bridesman socks via Relax Event Studio on Etsy, £5.00

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