30 Beautiful Same-Sex Wedding Photos

Great wedding photographs capture the emotions of each couple throughout their big day. Here are 30 of our favourite same-sex wedding photos that will totally melt your heart…

stopping traffic

Brides kiss in NYC.

Photographer: ericacamilleproductions.com

Summer Lovin’

Neil and Rumen kiss at their country house wedding.

Photographer: It Must Be Love

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Gregarious Graffiti

Alex and Audrey are all smiles at their open-air city wedding.

Photographer: Paola de Paola

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The Ring Exchange

At Darren and Georgios’ Art Deco yacht wedding.

Photographer: Emir Hasham.

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Lit up with Laughter

Overwhelmed with joy.

Photographer: ericacamilleproductions.com

An Intimate Moment

… between Sam and Pat at their wedding.

Photographer: Paul Underhill

Beach Beauties

Amy and Anne’s share a moment as they walk hand in hand along Folly Beach in South Carolina.

Photographer: Amelia and Dan

Confetti Shower

Paul and Francesco’s elation as they’re pronounced husbands under a colourful shower of confetti at Birmingham REP Theatre.

Photographer: Amy Rose

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Joy Division

All out joy as Katy and Shelley leave their wedding venue in Liverpool.

Photographer: Shane Webber.


Everyone joins in as this happy couple are showered with confetti.

Photographer: Liz Greenhalgh

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Mellow Meadow Meanderings:

The bond shared by Isabelle and Susie is clear as they walk through this wheat field during their DIY summer wedding.

Photographer: Jennifer Bedlow

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Bottoms Up!

Adam and George raise their glasses at their London wedding.

Photographer: Beatrici Photography


Such a cute shot of Joanna and Rebecca as they feed a giraffe at their zoo wedding, held at ZSL London Zoo.

Photographer: In the Pink

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Street Life

The artistry of this shot after Colin and John got married.

Photographer: Jennifer Langridge

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Epic Romance:

The drama of Emily and Jodie’s coastal embrace.

Photographer: Michael Wells Photography

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Fairground Attraction:

All the fun of the fair, captured brilliantly at Michael and Gordon’s Brighton wedding, held at the boutique hotel, drakes.

Photographer: Emma Lucy Photography

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Jumping for Joy:

That ‘we did it’ moment, at Catherine and Jen’s wedding.

Photographer: Ragdoll Photography

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Photographer: Tony Hall

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First Dance:

Cortney and Suzanna at their beach wedding.

Photographer: Del Sol Photography

Artistic Manoeuvres:

Guy and Andrew whirl after their same-sex marriage at the Turner Contemporary in Margate.

Photographer: Webb Weddings

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Perfect Happiness:

…captured so well at Allison and Naomi’s wedding.

Photographer: Hazel Buckley

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Sunset, Magical Sunset:

… at Brittani and Christine’s music festival inspired wedding.

Photographer: Allison Zaucha


…as these two grooms look into each others eyes, heads together.

Photographer: Erica Camille Productions


Sarah and Anna share a moment at their wedding at Gorton Monastry in Manchester.

Photographer: Shane Webber

Nature’s embrace:

Kenny and Richard hug surrounded by an avenue of Poplar trees.

Photographer: James Tracey Photography

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That ‘At Last’ Moment

When Vince and George got to tie the knot and publicly show their love for each other, after being together for 40 years.

Photographer: Benjamin Stuart

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Brighton Rock:

Two brides rock their wedding on Brighton Beach.

Photographer: Shotgun Weddings

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On Top of the World:

Literally – Alex and Amanda held their wedding on Mount Washington

Photographer: Island Moments Photography

French Chateau Chic:

At this wedding at Chateau Challain

Photographer: Emir Hasham

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That Four Weddings Moment:

Nicole and Kirstin kiss under the cover of an umbrella in Miller Park, Milwaukee.

Photographer: Jennifer Brindley Photography.

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