Bridal Shoes for Outdoor Weddings

If you’ve made the decision to say ‘I do’ in the open air, you need to think about making sure your wedding is weather appropriate and accessible. So what are your footwear options for an outdoor wedding?

Outdoor wedding ceremonies are becoming the most popular choice for modern weddings.

The sheer amount of beautiful outdoor venues all over the country makes it easy to find a natural setting in your area and who could turn down the chance to marry at the beach or in the woods? 

If you’ve made the decision to say ‘I do’ in the open air, you need to think about making sure your wedding is weather-appropriate and accessible.

As the date draws nearer, you’ll be thinking about umbrellas or marquees, sourcing seating, planting signs, and all the usual wedding business. One thing that might slip your mind is your footwear. 

An outdoor wedding means grass or gravel or sand which can provide a beautiful scene for your vows but you don’t want to get your heel stuck in the ground as you walk down the aisle, or find yourself sinking into the grass at the alter (trust me, I’ve been there!)

So what are your footwear options for an outdoor wedding?


Flat shoes are the easiest to work with on trickier terrain. They have a large stable surface so you can navigate gravel or rockier paths with ease and there is no risk of your heels sinking into the grass while you pose for pictures or say ‘I do.’

Another benefit of wearing flats is that you won’t find yourself desperate to take them off at the end of the night like heels, meaning you can dance and socialize all through your wedding without the pain of stilettos or high heels. 

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Flat shoes have been shunned from bridal wear in the past for not being fancy enough. However, there are so many beautiful and luxury flats on the market nowadays you don’t have to feel underdressed in flat shoes. 

Flat shoes give you plenty of options too, you could go for a pump, a sandal, or a moccasin. There is so much choice when it comes to flat bridal shoes. If you are going to be wearing a shorter dress, choosing some gladiator sandals could make a great fashion statement!

Take a look at some of the examples we found to get some inspiration! 

1. Badgley Mischka Women’s Gigi Pointed Toe Flat

These beautiful, bedazzled flats are so classy and dainty. They will suit any bridal style and will be perfect for your outdoor wedding.

The pointed toe gives it an elegant profile and the diamonte embellishments add some glamour without being overly garish.

The shoe comes in several colors though we think ivory is the most appealing. It is a warm neutral tone that will work well with most dresses and color schemes.

Many brides are so in love with these shoes they have worn them frequently after the wedding too!

2. TRENDSUP COLLECTION Womens T-Strap Buckle Flats Sandals

These sandals are absolutely gorgeous! They are perfect for a beach wedding or a boho style.

The delicate embellishments make these shoes look so classy and refined and the adjustable fastening means you won’t be slipping out of them as you dance the night away. 

They come in five different colors so you should be able to match them to your dress. We love the champagne glitter style. It has such a gentle peachy hue to it that makes these sandals feel extra luxurious despite the small price tag.

3. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Jewel Rhinestones Design Ankle-High Flat Sandals

These are a closed back style sandal available in a range of colors including white, gold and silver. These sandals also have two different styles though both use a between the toe, thong construction.

The first is an elegant interwoven design across the top of the foot, studded with diamantes. It is a great choice for classy, sophisticated looking weddings.

The second style is bolder and more daring but not so outhere that your gran will complain. These shoes feature a radiating, fishnet-esq pattern that encases the upper portion of the foot.

These sandals are really lovely. They are comfortable due to the padded insole and supportive thanks to the closed heel design. The zipper on the heel makes taking them on and off really easy.


If you want to add a bit of height to your look but don’t want to run the risk of slipping in high heels, wedges are a great compromise.

The wider and longer base gives you a bigger surface area which should help keep you upright and stop you sinking into the ground. 

Wedges are perfect for beach weddings, they have a holiday vibe to them and will also work well with floaty and boho style dresses.

A lovely pair of edges are so versatile you’ll find yourself wearing them long after the wedding is over. 

Bridal 2411684 1920 2 - Bridal Shoes For Outdoor Weddings Gay Wedding Guide

Apart from being more sturdy than heels, wedges are much more comfortable to wear. The pressure is evenly distributed across your foot so you shouldn’t get that horrible ache in the ball of your foot the following day. 

Many wedges are open-toed or sandal style both of which suit a beach wedding or any summer or spring wedding. If you want a closed-toe wedge you could look for a pump with a wedge heel or perhaps an espadrille wedge. 

T-straps or ankle fastening wedges will give you lots of support throughout the day and will make sure your shoes stay on.

If you go for a pump or similar sort of slip-on shoe make sure they fit your feet snuggly so that you aren’t slipping around inside them.

4. Touch Ups Women’s Paige

These stunning, strappy wedges are perfect for brides who want all the glitz and glamour from their wedding shoes. With a 3.5” lift, you will be standing tall at the alter as you say your vows. 

There are two color options to choose from, Champagne Glitz and Silver Shimmer. Both are equally beautiful, though the silver might pair better with a white dress and the champagne with an ivory dress.

5. Kenneth Cole REACTION Women’s Ava Great T-Strap Wedge Sandal

For a simpler style, these Kenneth Cole wedges are a great choice. The simple white t-strap paired with the faux cork wedge is perfect for beach weddings. They are elegant enough for your big day but also versatile enough to wear on your honeymoon too! 

The closed heel is a great way to give you a bit more stability on uneven surfaces and the adjustable strap will make sure these beauties don’t slip off your feet. 

We also love the padded footbed because it makes the shoe extra comfortable so you can focus on enjoying your wedding day instead of worrying about your feet aching.

6. Clarks Women’s Lafley Joy Wedge Sandal

The cork wrapped wedges give off a beachy chic vibe and are perfect for outdoor weddings.

The velcro heel fastening isn’t a typical bridal shoe feature but to be honest, no one will be looking at the back of your shoes when the front is so gorgeous!

These shoes have a peep toe design and side cut outs. The front portion of the leather is punched full of holes giving it an interesting and unique look. The upper leather portion is plain white meaning the eye focuses on the cotty designed lower part.

While these shoes are super elegant, they are also really comfortable. The sensible wedge heel will be easy on your feet and the padded insole should keep you dancing all night long.

Chunky Heels

If you’ve got your heart set on heels, choosing a shoe with a chunky heel is an excellent alternative to your standard stiletto heel. The wider base stops the heel from sinking and also give you more support. 

These shoes are great for more traditional brides who want to have that luxe look and feel without the accompanying problems of heels.

These kinds of shoes can also work for more alternative brides, with some really unique styles available if you shop around.  

Bride 871992 1920 2 - Bridal Shoes For Outdoor Weddings Gay Wedding Guide

Most chunky heels have an ankle strap or t-strap which you can tighten as much as you need to give you extra support and security, though some of the lower heel options are slip-on style pumps if you prefer. 

In terms of style, you can find lots of open-toed chunky heels if you’re looking to show off a wedding pedi or the more classical court shoe style heels.

If you’re going for a more unique look, there are ankle boots with chunky heels which could be the perfect pairing for your wedding. 

7. ESSEX GLAM Women’s Charcy Crisscross Strappy Platform High Chunky Heels

We adore these chunky heels! They offer some serious height with a 4.7” heel and a 1.8” platform. They are so sleek and elegant, with the cross foot strap and ankle strap to offer you support on tricker surfaces. 

They come in ten different styles from a glittery gold to a plain white, so you can match these shoes to whatever dress you plan to wear.

You could even get your bridesmaids to match them with their dresses if you like them as much as we do! 

Brides are happy to report that these are some of the comfiest heels they have bought and that they didn’t even notice them throughout the day. You can’t ask for much more in a bridal shoe to be honest! 

8. Jewel Badgley Mischka Women’s Mayra Heeled Sandal

These chunky heels give you some serious height and a whole lot of style.

‘One zip and you’re glamorous’ is the ethos behind Badgley and Mischka’s collaborative footwear line and these shoes certainly fit!

The simple two strap design is easy to get on and off with a single zip on the closed heel section. No fumbling with fasteners or buckles with these beauties.

The straps are bejewelled with teardrop diamantes arranged in an almost leaf-like pattern. Personally, I think these shoes really reflect the beauty of a natural, outdoor wedding venue.

Available in silver glitter, gold glitter or champagne satin, you should be able to match these chunky heel shoes to any color palette. The champagne satin are a great choice for those of you who want an even simpler look.

There does seem to be a split in the customer base between those who find these shoes comfortable and those who definitely don’t! The major issue seems to be with the lack of support from the two simple straps.

That being said, many people are pleased with the light padding that makes them comfortable to walk and stand in.

9. Women’s IN4 Mary Wedding Block Chunky High Heels

These are a very classy pair of chunky heels. The lace top and peep-toe design add a lot of elegance to these shoes. Make sure to get a nice pedicure before the big day to set off the color and accents of these shoes.

Available in a range of colors from black to red and everything in between, you can find a pair to fit your style.

The Nude Pu is a great choice for brides who have a simpler style, while the Silver has a glitzy back heel portion for that extra sparkle on your big day.


Don’t listen to anyone who tells you sneakers can’t be wedding shoes! Sneakers are comfortable, secure, and stylish all at the same time!

Think about the amount of running around you are going to do on your wedding day, from circulating around the room, checking all your guests have arrived, organizing bridesmaids and flower girls, and taking photos all over your venue. Sneakers are a sensible option! 

Wearing your smelly gym shoes to your wedding is probably not the best idea, your guests might be put off their food, but getting yourself a pair of wedding sneakers is a great alternative to uncomfortable and unsteady heels. 

Sneakers For A Wedding 2 - Bridal Shoes For Outdoor Weddings Gay Wedding Guide

Depending on your style, you could look at some skater style slip-ons or perhaps some lace-up Converse. There are so many options here, you can go with whatever make or style of sneaker you prefer. 

If you want to try and bring a bit of a traditional style to your sneakers you could look for white sneakers, perhaps with lace detailing, or you could go out and get yourself a pair of statement sneakers. 

Sneakers are really customizable from the soles to the laces so you can make these shoes fit your style and personality. 

10. Women’s Fashion Canvas Sneakers Mesh Knitted Upper Low Cut Casual Shoes

A traditional take on a contemporary shoe, these sneakers could be a good compromise for brides who want comfort and style. They might also placate any momzillas who balk at the thought of wearing sneakers to your wedding. 

These sneakers have an anti-slip sole which is perfect for outdoor weddings and also have padded insoles to keep you comfortable throughout the day. The knitted mesh upper is both chic and practical as it allows your feet to breath during warm summer weddings.

If you want to glitz these up a bit you could always add some sparkly laces or diamantes along the side of the sole.

11. DADAWEN Women’s Platform Lace-Up Wingtips Square Toe Oxfords Shoe

Ok, these aren’t technically sneakers. They’re a bit of a mashup between brogues and sneakers. The upper part is definitely an Oxford shoe but the soles are more like sneakers.

I love them! They are different, unique and totally formal enough for a wedding!

Coming in a range of colors you could go with a traditional white or make a statement with a bolder color. The upper is made from high-quality leather and is dyed to make the range of colors.

These shoes have a rubber sole which is non-slip and comfortable to wear all day. The rubber sole also makes these shoes feel more lightweight than traditional brogues which can really weigh you down.

These shoes lace up so you can make them as tight or loose as you want. There is no risk of them falling off mid-dance so you can stick to the dance floor all night long if you want.

Another great thing about these shoes is that they have a slight platform to them, around 1 inch high. This gives you a little height boost which might be greatly appreciated by some!

12. Hand Painted High Top Rainbow Canvas Shoes Sneakers

If you want to make a statement with your sneakers these are perfect. The hand-painted design is done with environmentally friendly textile paint that is fully waterproof so it won’t run even if you are caught in a shower. 

I may be slightly biased here because I wore a very similar pair of shoes for my own wedding, but these are incredible. Your guests will be oohing and ahhing all-day. The bright, vibrant colors look amazing and deserve to be shown off. 

These shoes are unbeatable for comfort and stability. You won’t be slipping over uneven paths or sinking in the grass in these beauties. The hightop design means they won’t be slipping off during and dance and the flat sole means you can twist, jive, and spin all you want without slipping. 

If you prefer a low top, the seller has those in the same design. They also have several other designs that you might like.

If you can’t find one on their shop you like, have a look online. Plenty of people do custom designs on canvas shoes.  These are a great option for a personal touch for your wedding. 


Whatever style of shoe you chose, the key things to think about are the sole and the support. You want to look for a shoe with a large surface area so you can walk without sinking or tripping.

If you do want a heel, make sure it also has a larger surface area by going for a wedge or a chunky heel. 

In terms of support, you want to look for shoes that have adjustable fastenings perhaps around the ankle or in the form of a t-strap. Slip-on shoes can come loose if they don’t fit snuggly so make sure you get the right size. 

Author: Cosmin

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