Going Digital: Paperless Post Review

Digivites are growing in popularity; after all, it’s far easier to group email 100 of your closest contacts with a digital invitation, save the date or card than it is to hand write a paper version. And, thanks to tech by companies like RSVPify, Greenvelope and Paperless Post, you can track opens and RSVPs in one, centralised online space. Great!

But check the online reviews, and opinion is split: some gripe that the tech doesn’t always work; others sing its praises. What’s more, we didn’t find any digivite site that included a dedicated same-sex or LGBT section, meaning that if you want to use a same-sex template, you must input ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, or ‘lgbt’ into the search box.

So, after being contacted by Paperless Post to review its offering, we asked communications specialist, Hugh Wright, an avid user of Paperless Post, to tell us what he thought.

“It’s super-easy to use; it really is as easy as sending an email. The design and editing process it pretty much foolproof and the management of guest lists is very straightforward.”

What about spam filters? If you bulk send a digivite, does it risk ending up in your recipients’ junk folders?

“That’s a problem I often get, which can make it difficult to organise an event. However, you can see if an invitation hasn’t been opened (meaning it might have gone into a ‘junk’ folder) and then get a personal link to send to that guest in either a personal email or via another messaging service like Whatsapp.”

Is the RSVP tracking useful?

“Very useful indeed – especially when organising an event professionally for clients. It makes it easy to see who has replied and who hasn’t. And it’s easy to add (or remove) guests, plus ones etc and to communicate to guests individually or collectively. One thing, though, is that the app sometimes shows different numbers of guests/rsvps/not yet replied, than those shown on the website. But I like that you can log on using Facebook, and the general ease of Paperless Post. It is very streamlined.”

And what about the digital coins?

“I sometimes find it confusing using free templates which then attract a charge (digital coins) when you customise them. It’s also slightly annoying that you can only buy coins in bundles – I was once one coin short, but had to buy the minimum of 15 in order to customise the card I wanted.”

Would you use Paperless Post for your Wedding?

“Probably for save the dates, yes. But for invitations and thank you s, I’d still go for hard copies. I love stationery and handwritten notes and, for me, a digital card can’t replace that.”


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