Wedding Stationery Trends

From rustic Kraft brown to the ethereal laser cut – there are so many different styles of wedding stationery, so we’ve rounded-up our favourite wedding invitation trends…

From the rustic feel of beautifully decorated Kraft brown to the ethereal delicacy of laser cut wedding invitations, there are so many different styles of wedding stationery, we thought you might like a visual collection of ideas-in-brief, a round-up of wedding invitation trends, if you like, to help you settle on the type of stationery you want to go for. Adorn Wedding Invitations, one of our favourite craft-led invitation companies, has helped us pick some of the best…



“Brown craft paper is always a necessity”

Rustic weddings are hugely popular all year round, with the ability to host a rustic event either inside or out depending on the season. Brown craft paper is always a necessity for any rustic wedding invitation; this organically textured material ties in a relaxed and earthy feel to any design. The brown craft paper perfectly contrasts with white lace, and looks effortlessly vintage when teamed with twine!


Black And White Art Deco Wedding Invitation And Save The Date By Brilliant Wedding Stationery And Laser Cut Wedding Stationery Adorn Invitations Via Gay Wedding Guide 1 2 - Wedding Stationery Trends Gay Wedding Guide

Art deco and Great Gatsby themed weddings have become a surprising new favourite in recent times! This style, most commonly characterised by geometric shapes and the combination of metallic, black and white, became widely loved after the 2013 Gatsby film. The perfect style for an unforgettable wedding!


Gold Laser Cut Wedding Invitation By Brilliant Wedding Stationery Maker Adorn Invitations Via Gay Wedding Guide 1 2 - Wedding Stationery Trends Gay Wedding Guide

Laser cut invitations are constantly in high demand, regardless of the couples’ wedding or colour theme. Laser Cut technology is the perfect detail to any invitation as it can either work as a subtle additive or frame an entire invitation in an eye-catching feature pocket.

Need help finding the perfect stationery?

Explore our selection of wedding stationery specialists for the most unique or custom handmade pieces.

Have questions? Ask anything, and our team of experts will be there to help you decide.


Embossed Wedding Invitation And Save The Date By Brilliant Wedding Stationery And Laser Cut Wedding Stationery Adorn Invitations Via Gay Wedding Guide 1 2 - Wedding Stationery Trends Gay Wedding Guide

Foiled printing has become a must-have technique for any couple wanting to truly impress their guests! This printing technique creates an impressive metallic finish like no other, and is offered in a range of colours from rose-gold to silver. If extravagance is what you’re aiming for then this printing technique is a must!


Pocket Wedding Invitations 1 2 - Wedding Stationery Trends Gay Wedding Guide

With couples now including multiple accessory cards with their wedding invitations, pocket invites with built-in accessory card sections have proven to be exceedingly handy! Being able to house your invitation, along with its accompanying accessory cards, in a visually pleasing yet practical manner is in high demand these days!

As continuity is extraordinarily relevant when planning your wedding, Adorn Invitations always recommends that couples match all of their wedding stationary. From pre-wedding items such as save the date and wishing well cards, right through to on-the-day items such as table place cards and order of service booklets. It is because of this that Adorn have ensured that all of their designs have at least 10 matching stationary items to help keep their couples’ weddings looking professional and impressive.

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