Wedding Stationery Trends for 2020

Think about it: your save the date or wedding invitation will be your guests’ first insight into your wedding so you’ll want to make sure yours sets the tone. From the soft romantics of watercolours to the striking elegance of metallic foil blocking and fresh exotics of botanicals, our friends at Optimalprint have highlighted the top five wedding stationery trends for 2020 to help inspire you with some creative steer.


Whimsical and romantic, the softness of a watercolour is one of our favourite 2020 wedding stationery trends. Ethereal in each stroke, its delicate diffusion of hues conveys an alluring intrigue and the ever-changing shape of love. Perfect for romantics.


Metallics are always in vogue when it comes to conjecting decadent retro glamour. Glittering golds, shimmering flapper-sequins, sparkling foils in silvers, rose-golds and coppers; if you’re after an Art Deco or movie-star theme, simply add a metallic and you’ll have it in an instant.


This year, the trend for minimalism is back with a bang, and fits like a glove around the theme of love. Clean lines, strong typography, and either neutral colours or bold brights convey the strength and purity of love and forever partnerships.

Florals and Botanics

Whether they’re monochromatic or set to a palette of strong, earthy tones, we are seeing floral stationery taking centre stage in a big way. Not do their organic origins go hand in hand with weddings, they give a nod to the natural beauty of our planet and the fresh, nurturing nature of love and marriage.


Crisp and contemporary, the clean architectural lines of geometry serve as a fantastic symbol of the simplicity and complexity of love combined. Often used in Art Deco designs, geometric wedding stationery suites are ideal for vintage and contemporary wedding themes and those with a cool urban backdrop.

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