How to: Get the Perfect Suit – 10 Essential Questions for your Tailor

Deciding what suit to wear for your wedding can be a little daunting. If you’ve not had a suit made before, there will certainly be a lot to think about! To help, Elizabeth Grew, manageress of affordable tailoring company A Suit That Fits, London city branch, has put together a list of the top 10 questions you should ask your tailor to ensure you get your perfect suit.

1. How long will it take until I can take my suit home?

Most tailors’ production times will vary, so you need to know how long you should expect to wait until you first see your suit – but when you do see it, you’ll know it’s been made just for you! Don’t be surprised if this takes a couple of months. If you need it sooner, ask – there will often be an option to speed that up if you’re willing to pay a little extra.

2. What cloth will work best for me?

There is a cloth to suit everyone’s needs. If you find a blend or fabric with a bit of stretch in it, it will be a lot easier to fit and generally more flattering. Whether you want to go for a fitted look or something more androgynous, your tailor should be able to advise what will work best for you. You should also consider what will be suitable for the time of year your wedding will be taking place. For example, at A Suit That Fits, the premiere range is particularly popular for weddings, as it includes cloths that you wouldn’t wear every day – such as mohair (great for winter) and silk blends (best for summer).

3. How many fittings should I expect?

Whether you’re going for made to measure or fully bespoke, it’s unlikely that the suit will be perfect at your first fitting, so it’s important that you ask your tailor what their usual fitting process is. The beauty of bespoke is that once your suit has been tweaked to perfection, your tailor has the cutting pattern on their files and can tailor you perfectly-fitting suits again and again.

4. Should I bring anything to my fittings?

Each tailor will have their own recommendations, but I always advise my customers to bring the shoes and shirt/top they’ll be wearing on the day to make sure they have the correct sleeve and trouser length. Even a slight heel can make a big difference!

5. How can we differentiate our suits / link them together?

If you’re both planning on wearing suits, it’s a good idea to know whether you want to wear matching suits, totally contrasting outfits, or have certain elements that tie both of your suits together. Likewise, if your partner knows what they’re wearing and you want to complement an element of that, your tailor can help you look at appropriate linings and accessories.

6. How do I look after my suit once I’ve taken it home?

Once you’ve chosen your cloth, ask your tailor what its care instructions will be; you’ll want to know how to keep it looking its best for the day itself and for the years to come, so you can make it last as long as possible.
As a rule of thumb, we recommend storing suits on a specialised hanger and limiting the number of heavy items placed in the suits pockets. We also advise suits are left out overnight to ‘breathe’ and smoothing any creases with a suit brush.

7. Are there any additional costs for alterations etc?

Avoid any nasty surprises later down your tailor-made road by asking upfront if they charge extra for alterations. Most tailors have a standard ‘alterations package’ cost, but some don’t include this in the suit price. If you’re looking to change shape at the gym, we always advise you do this before you visit your tailor, as your suit will be made according to your body’s shape at your initial measurement appointment.

8. How ‘fitted’ will my suit be?

Ask your tailor what suit best suits you. And, if you want to go for a more relaxed or strict fit, tell them! This should be a discussion to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

9. What style of suit will suit me?

I always think it’s a good idea to bring some pictures to your tailor so that you have some idea of any design elements you like the look of. The key design elements you may want advice on would be things like jacket length, trouser shape, jacket vents and lapel shape and width.

10. How much will it cost?

A pretty obvious one, but if you have an absolute budget, don’t design and fall in love with something you can’t buy. At A Suit That Fits two-piece suit starts at £289 and a three-piece starts at £379, we also offer bespoke wedding party package with two suits starting at £969. View our full range of wedding suit packages.

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