Style Steal: 22 Masquerade Ball Same-Sex Wedding Theme Inspirations to Spice Up Your Wedding

Did someone say glitter pumpkins?
Thinking about an autumn wedding this year?

A masquerade ball same-sex wedding theme is ideal for the late wedding season, perfectly capturing the autumnal mood.

With glittering golds and statement blacks, you can be sure to feel like lavish royalty on your same-sex wedding day.

Channel your inner medieval Venetian and use this mood board to help create the ultimate goth-glamour meets old-Hollywood wedding fantasy.

Psst, Don’t forget your mask!

Masquerade Moodboard Same-sex Wedding Theme


Create both a sophisticated and warm ambience by incorporating high-ceiling chandeliers, fairy light ceiling drapes and classic candelabrums.

Add exuberant white, gold and black floral centrepieces to match with your reimagined royal ballroom theme.

Make the tables a statement piece themselves by choosing a glistening gold or black tablecloth, as well as black and gold-rimmed cutlery and glassware.

1. An antique mirror bar menu

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Antique mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can easily add a quirky vintage feel to your special day.

Not only do they make great wall decorations, but they can also be used to showcase table plans and bar menus, eliminating the need for extra paper waste.

If a mirror you love isn’t in your desired colour, you can even try spray painting it yourself.

We absolutely love this striking gold mirror stand.

2. Brass gold candelabrums

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Who needs electrical lighting when you can create a romantic cosy atmosphere alone with these gorgeous brass-gold candelabrums?

Add them to tables alongside beautiful floral table pieces to create a royal banquet feel and create your very own reimagined Beauty and the Beast wedding reception.

3. Black lace candle holders

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Masquerade balls call for an abundance of lace.

We love this assortment of glass candle holders with bespoke lace coverings, which are perfect for adding that extra bit of drama to your décor.

Make your own simply by cutting from your favourite lace fabric, either from your local fabric store or charity shop.

Check out the tutorial over at The Sweetest Occasion blog.

4. Black and gold tableware

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We love this shimmering gold table runner with matching tableware.

To emulate this glamorous table setting, use black napkins and gold-rimmed champagne glasses.

Don’t forget to add little black bows to group your cutlery together as an elegant final touch.

5. Black and gold rose petals

Image via Etsy

Not only do rose petals make for beautiful confetti, but they also make great table decorations.

Add a few alongside centrepieces for an added touch of floral décor or use as picturesque confetti for your wedding photographs.

6. Longtable royal wedding reception

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Line tall glass candle stands and mini floral centrepieces opposite each guest to create a luxurious and nature-filled illuminance throughout your same-sex wedding reception.

Use lush white flowers for brightening up the room.

7. Galaxy-goth universe wedding venue

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We love this galaxy-inspired wedding hall with outlandish ceiling shrubbery and vintage art décor.

Sprinkle a white trail of confetti down the aisle as a stylish final touch as well as for lightening up you and your significant other.

8. High and mighty centrepieces

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If you are an avid lover of flowers, then this centrepiece is for you!

Tall bunches of flowers can be a great way to alleviate your wedding décor without having to sacrifice any of your glamorous dark masquerade stylings.

Use neutral colours to compliment your dark interior.

9. Fairylight ceiling drapes

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Add an array of high-ceiling drapes intertwined with enchanting fairy lights to create a rustic and romantic ambience for your special day.

Add smaller drapes alongside each side of the aisle for extra flair.

What to wear

Masquerade same-sex wedding balls are all about celebrating the unconventional, so why not go for something bold?

Try a golden floral hairpiece accompanied by soft curls and a matching bouquet for a chic bohemian bridal look.

Tie the entire look together with black and gold heels, a black lace mask and a black lace-trimmed wedding gown.

For grooms, an all-black or gold patterned gay wedding suits with a black and gold floral boutonniere or bowtie.

For an extra hint of glamour, wear gold-rimmed black dress shoes with a black leather mask.

9. Gold and black metallic bouquet

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We love this stand-out bouquet with metallic black and gold foliage paired with a striking elongated wedding ribbon.

Use multiple flowers and shades to bring your bouquet to life however you like; the more layers the better!

10. Black and white wedding dress

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This graceful black mesh wedding gown with delicate swirls of black lace is a great choice for brides who wish to achieve that masquerade-inspired look without straying too far from the traditional wedding gown.

11. Black lace masquerade mask

Image via Pinterest

Black lace masquerade masks are both soft and elegant, making them a perfect choice for the happy lesbian brides.

Match your mask with your bridal attire by incorporating lace into your outfit and accessories.

To bring the whole look together, pair with a dark smoky eye makeup look.

12. Black and gold embroidered rhinestone pumps

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We love these sophisticated black pumps with soft floral swirls of gold and embellished jewels – perfect for making you feel like royalty on your wedding day.

13. Golden floral hair accessory

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Whether you prefer natural or artificial flowers, why not dust them in gold to create a stunning and unique hairpiece?

Add as many as flowers as you like depending on your preference.

If you can’t decide on what style to go for, why not mix both styles together and add glints of gold here and there.

14. Rustic autumn boutonniere

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An all-black wedding suit paired with a natural boutonniere makes for dark romantic same-sex wedding attire.

Use blacks, burgundy’s and whites for your boutonniere for a dashing look.

Or if you prefer something glitzier, why not opt for a handmade artificial boutonniere?

We love Etsy creator KseniaFloks handmade design.

15. Pointed leather masquerade mask

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This classic sharp-edged leather masquerade mask is great for defining your features, drawing attention to your eyes and sharpening up your jawline.

For a more eccentric look try a black devil’s horn mask.

16. Black and gold-rimmed dress shoes

Image via Pinterest

If you wish to add some quirkiness to your wedding attire but don’t want to coat it all in gold, why not try incorporating hints into your same-sex wedding wardrobe with some glossy gold-ended shoes?

17. Gold personalised cufflinks

Image via Etsy

We love these Etsy custom gold cufflinks which make for great keepsakes and reminders of your special day.


Make every guest feel special by giving them masquerade mask place cards and wedding invites with black and gold glitter inside as a glamorous surprise.

To add to the authenticity of your medieval-inspired event, incorporate curled italic calligraphy with textured patterned paper and a candlewax seal stamp to your invites.

Use the same style of calligraphy for the menu, table plans and place cards.

18. Masquerade mask place cards

Image via

These custom metallic place cards are a great way to add some fun to your day and, not to mention, look great in wedding shots!

Place them during the wedding reception or ceremony depending on your preference.

For close family members and friends, you can even customise them to suit their roles.

Add extra jewels or give golden masks to special guests such as bridesmaids, ushers and fathers and mothers of the brides or grooms.

19. Gold leaf wedding invites

Image via Instagram

We love these Papira invites, with hints of gold leaves on the edges paired with gold wax seal stamps.

To keep with the medieval masquerade theme even further, why not trade the traditional same-sex wedding envelope for a medieval scroll and ribbon instead?

For an added touch of royalty, ask for your invites to include a royal inspired emblem with your two initials intertwined.


Go all out and embellish sugar masquerade masks onto cupcakes and glitter onto macaroons and cake pops for your buffet table.

For your same-sex wedding cake, incorporate decadent black and gold lace patterns and jewels onto your multi-tiered cake.

Don’t forget to include sugar masquerade masks around the edges, or even add them on top as a spectacular cake topper.

20. White and gold masquerade wedding cake

Image via

We love this multi-tiered masquerade wedding cake, which draws its inspiration straight from chic Venetian styles.

Make it your own by adding small personal details such as flowers, jewels and lace.

Incorporate deep shades of burgundy and black for a more gothic style.

21. Gold salted caramel macaroons

Image via Junipercakery

Metallic black and gold macaroons make for luxurious mini desserts for your dessert table.

Dust them in gold and black glitter for an added touch of luxury and assort them into a tower.

22. Gold marshmallow sticks

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These golden candy-coated marshmallow sticks would make a great addition to your desert table.

Final words

The great thing about masquerade same-sex wedding balls is that you can style them in hundreds of different ways to match your own personal styleno matter the season.

However, if you are planning to tie the knot in October, it can be a great opportunity to bring the quirky and warm atmosphere that Halloween brings without the need for jack-o’-lanterns or scary costumes!

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