Groom That Beard The Ned’s Head Barber Shares His Tips

From Chris Emsworth’s Thor stubble to the fuller verdi of Tom Holland’s Alfie Solomons (Peaky Blinders), beards are in. So how do you care for yours ahead of your wedding day, and do beard products really work? Tom Harrigan, barber at The Ned, shares his tips for grooming your beard ahead of your wedding…

What’s the rule of thumb on the length you should grow a beard?
“Currently we’re seeing a trend for much shorter beards. I would always recommend that the bottom of your beard ends by your Adam’s apple. This gives an extension to your jawline. The moustache is also back in a big way – think more Tom Sellick than hipster.”

Why is a barber beard-trim better than a DIY job at home?
“Firstly, it’s so important to take a moment to treat yourself. We’re pulled all over the place on a daily basis and sometimes you just need to stop and do something nice for yourself.

“Secondly, as long as you’ve done your research and have a decent conversation with your barber to explain what you want before he starts, you’ll get a great professional job. Your barber should ask you questions too.

“You should stick with your barber too- they’ll get to know your beard, how it grows and its quirks. They’ll remember how to control it.”

Do products in beards make any difference?
“Beard products absolutely make a difference. The most important thing is to exfoliate beneath your beard. That can be tricky depending on it’s length. The Alpha fit male Clarisonic has a beard cleaning mode, which will help you do that. Otherwise you can use a natural nail brush – natural fibres are important though.

“Also an Argan oil based beard oil is crucial. Remember not to use too much- less is more! Two drops of oil is enough.”

Grooms want to look slick and spruce, so should they get their beard shaped on their wedding day or earlier?
“Rip up the rule book and do things the way you want to. My preference would be to enjoy every last minute of my wedding day, so why shouldn’t you spend the morning getting ready together, and indulge in having your beard freshly trimmed for the occasion.”

What barbering treatments can you not live without?
“A beard trim. Being ‘follicly challenged’ means I don’t have many options treatment-wise! Having a good beard trim and a shave around the edges gives me chance to relax knowing that when I sit back up I’m going to look sharp. We offer a service called the full beard reshape with cutthroat which does just that. It’s 45 mins and this includes a trim, mini facial and a tidy up of your lines.”

Barber at The Ned
The Ned see’s a visit to its Barbershop as a genuine experience; it’s not just a haircut, it’s about enjoying your time there, unwinding and escaping for a while. You can even sample a whisky or two whilst you’re enjoying your treatment! Now that’s the kind of luxury add-on we like! Find out more or book your treatment at The Ned Barbershop.

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