Grooms with Beards How Will You Wear Yours?

We enjoy a good beard here. There’s the chin strap, the balbo, the stubble and everything in between. But different styles suit different faces, so how should you rock yours? This is your beard style bible; take a look, find your favourite and check if it will suit your face shape.

The Stubble Beard

Want to sport something subtle yet stylish? Something that gives you the edge without taking over your whole look? The stubble beard is the easiest to grow and maintain, and will give you a slick, just-got-out-of-bed appeal.

Styles: Stubble and long stubble.
Suits: oval, rectangle, and heart shaped faces.

The Classic Trim

Classically shaped beards are often associated with intellectuals and rebels. We like both! Let the different elements of the beard all have their say – and you’ll look amazing. There’s nothing more sharp and stylish than this beard when done properly.

Styles: goatee, extended goatee, soul patch, chin strap, chin-strap and moustache, and the balbo.
Suits: square, triangluar, diamond and rounded and rectangular shaped faces.

The Beardstache

Perhaps the opposite of a goatee in its effect, there’s something quite primal and masculine about the beardstache. It’s pronounced and quite over-the-top, and leaves little room for subtlety. However, if done right, it can give you an impressive rugged and imposing look, perfect for a groom who wants to catch the eye of his guests instead of merely fading into the background of his own wedding.

Styles: balbo, extended goatee, goatee and moustache, full beard.
Suits: triangular, inverted triangle, diamond, square and rectangular faces.

The Lumberjack Beard

You don’t have to be a lumbergay to rock this beard, because it’s a style that can fit anyone. Often associated with lumberjacks (and now hipsters who drink coffee out of avocados), they are similar to the beardstache, but more contained and organised.

Style: full beard (plus a lumberjack shirt!).
Suits: square, triangluar, diamond and rounded and rectangular shaped faces

The Full Beard

And finally, the most extreme of beard styles – the full beard. Don’t kid yourself, there’s something crazy about this beard. They can be the height of a small child, cover your face almost completely, and if cartoons are anything to go by, they might even carry the odd creature; but, as handy for storage as they maybe, IKEA hasn’t stocked any yet and they’re also a pain to maintain. Yet no other beard is more striking or memorable.

Styles: full beard.
Suits: rectangular and diamond shaped faces.

How should you ask for yours? Use our beard infographic to see which beard style you like.

View our interview with head barber of London’s The Ned.

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