Best Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair That Will Make You Feel Gorgeous & Worth Trying in 2021

There are so many things to sort out when you’re planning a wedding. From finding the venue and the catering to choosing a band and picking that perfect wedding exit song, the list is seemingly endless!

You also want to make sure that you’re looking, and feeling, like a million dollars. To do that you’ve sorted out your suit or dress, and you’ve booked your makeup artist. But what about your hair?

With wedding fashions constantly changing, finding the perfect hairstyle for your special day can be a tricky thing to master. It can be even more difficult if you’ve got thin hair and without thick, lustrous locks, there are some styles that even the strongest bobby pins won’t be able to hold in place.

This doesn’t mean that all hope is lost though! There are loads of beautiful hairstyles for both men and women that can be achieved with thin hair and will help you feel and look as gorgeous as possible when you’re walking down the aisle.

Below, we’ve put together a list of some stunningly chic wedding hairstyles for thin hair. Covering both men and women, long and short hair, we’re positive you’ll find something that you’ll fall in love with almost as much as the person you’re about to marry.

The Power Balding

In some respects of course, the easiest way to turn thin or thinning hair into a ‘Damn, that looks good’ mirror-moment is to beat nature at its own game, take the clippers and go power-bald.

If your hair’s been thinning for some time, this will be less of a shock to many than anything else you try to do.

At least, it will if you’re a man. Popular culture is positively crammed to the gills with hot, sexy, stylish intentionally bald guys. Joining their number gives you that sort of intentional cool, and can be a completely striking look.

In women, society as a whole feels more inclined to clutch its pearls at a power balding. But still, power bald women have begun to stake claims in the popular culture as take-no-nonsense, self-empowered figures.

If you’ve always wondered what you’d look like as a power baldy, a few months before your wedding might be the time to give it a try.

It will solve the question of what to do with your thin hair, and if neither you nor your partner is sold on the look, you’ve still got time to re-grow and re-think before the big day.


For the sake of organizational neatness rather than any gender politics, let’s split up for now into brides and grooms. If nothing else, the range of options for each is so staggeringly different that it will be easier to categorize that way.

Brides with thin hair have a number of stylistic options to choose from. Among them are styles that distract the focus from the thin hair, styles that bunch up what there is to sell the illusion of thickness, styles that take a little and make a lot of it and more.

All of them are effective at giving you the wedding day ‘Damn’ moment when you stand in front of your mirror – but which ones will work with your style, your clothes, the shape of your face and body, that’s for you to decide.

Crown Braid

Much like the braided bun, this is another great way of making your hair look fuller than it is.

Take a section of hair from either the left or right of your head and create a long braid. Once done, leave this braid to one side, then gather the rest of your hair into a bun.

Secure your bun in place, and then bring the braid horizontally across the top of your head, securing with bobby pins or small grips as you go.

Tuck the end of the braid into your bun, cover with hairspray, and you’re all set. This works best for people with long hair.

However, if you’ve got medium length hair, you can create a braid on either side of your head and join them in the middle to create the crown.


Wedding hairstyles don’t always have to be ‘up-dos’, and wavy hair is here to prove that point!

Just because your hair is thin, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean you can’t have wavy hair either. Here’s how to achieve the illusion of a thick head of wavy hair.

After washing your hair, apply a thickening serum and then blow dry your ends on a medium setting with the help of a diffuser.

Finish with some thickening mousse, and use a couple of bobby pins or a headband to keep your hair out of your face. Simple and gorgeous.

60s Bun

Although it’s named after the period in which it was conceived, the 60’s bun has a timeless, classic look to it.

It’s an easy one to create as well. Simply pull the majority of your hair back to create either a low or high bun and secure with some strategically placed bobby pins.

This is a really good style to go for if you have a receding hairline too, as it is finished by wrapping a decorative band around the top of the forehead and underneath the bun.

Donut Bun

Much like a low bun, the donut bun is created by pulling all of your hair upwards towards the top of your head.

You then wrap and tuck your hair around a donut-pony before rolling it down the base and, voila, you’ve got a bun.

Use some bobby pins to secure it into place and it’ll stay put for the rest of the day, regardless of how hard you hit the dance floor later!

Floral Updo

Loose hair falling in your face can be incredibly off-putting when you’re trying to say your vows or have your photograph taken.

Not to mention it can prevent people from seeing how happy you are on your wedding day too! This is where the floral updo comes to the rescue!

Created in the same way as the twisted updo, it’s finished with a crown of flowers running along the top of the bun to keep it securely locked in place throughout the day and to give it a beautiful finishing touch.

Side Braid

A long braid worn on the side of the head is a really great way of creating additional depth and thickness on thin hair.

Created in the same way as the crown braid, the majority of the hair is swept into a bun and a section on the side is braided.

However, instead of laying the braid across the top of the head, it’s left to drape elegantly down the shoulder and onto the chest.

Decorating with flowers, foliage, or special hair crystals add extra detail and look truly stunning.

The Volume Low Bun

There’s more than a touch of sleight of hand and sleight of mind about many of these techniques, and none more so than the volume low bun.

By gathering thin hair into a bun as low as possible at the back of the head and neck, you encourage people to think there’s more volume to the hair within the bun, and so, to think that there’s more volume in the hair in general.

As a style, there’s a sort of updated Victorian vibe to the style which speaks of reinvented elegance. Plus, by creating a focal point of seemingly thick hair low at the back, any observer automatically thinks any thinness at the front is the result of a calculated contrast of style.

Devious, but more than a little delicious, the volume low bun is reasonably low maintenance throughout the day, and avoids much of the heat build-up and heaviness of higher buns.

The Messy Up-Do

There are two kinds of messy up-do. There’s the hungover, what-did-I-do-last-night, genuine, organic messy up-do. And then there’s the other kind. The kind that’s wedding-suitable.

The designer messy up-do, which makes it look like you’ve just twiddled your hair up into something that works, but which really does double duty for brides with thin hair.

Like the volume low bun, the messy up-do creates a focal point of collected hair at the back which suggests casual thickness. But it also pulls a second trick, scraping the hair up to expose the length of neck beneath it, drawing the eye to the whole ensemble in a more 1920s fashion.

It’s especially effective if the bride is wearing a simple style of dress with some exposed shoulder. That accentuates the line even further, and deflects from any notions of thin hair.

The messy up-do gives you twice the distraction for your stylist-money, while delivering a look that both calls back to a classy past and updates it for a future that’s ready for adventure.

The Braid Marian

Get your medieval lady of the manor on with some strategic loose braiding.

By working the hair into some loose, expressive braids at the back, you do a couple of clever things. You focus the eye on the hair it takes to make the braid in the first place, which is actually less than it seems.

You convince observers that the rest of the hair must be as thick as that of which the braids look like they’re made – amplifying the impression of thick hair by a design meant to work with thin hair.

And you draw the hair away from the face, meaning you force the attention of the hair-obsessives to the back, to the braid and its seeming complexity, while presenting a clear, open face to all your guests.

The Flower Fairy

A perennial favorite, adding elements of foliage into your wedding hairstyle is an act of beautiful distraction, plain and simple. People will focus more on the flowers themselves than the hair into which they’re woven or threaded.

Result – no-one comes away thinking you have thin hair, but that you had hair with blossoms in it. A classic look, it has a charm that goes beyond many of the strongly designed styles.

Looking simple and surprisingly sweet, flower fairy hairstyles speak to love and devotion with a natural twist, while deflecting from any thinness of hair.


On the one hand of course, grooms have more advantages than brides, in that it’s more generally acceptable for them to have facial hair too, which can either act as a distraction from thin hair or a counterpoint to it.

Waxed moustaches, designer stubble, a bushy Van Dyke or hipster beard, you name it, if it grows on your face, you can use it to augment styles for your thin hair.

Buzz Cut

Sometimes the best thing a man with thinning hair can do is admit defeat and own it!

The buzz cut has come into style over recent years with celebrities including Justin Timberlake, Channing Tatum, and Tom Hardy all rocking it.

It’s a clever hairstyle too since it minimizes the contrast of any widow’s peak or receding hairline against your skin and directs more attention to your face.

It literally couldn’t be easier to achieve either. Grab yourself a set of clippers and just start shaving! Be sure to tidy up the neckline around the base of your head though.

This is something that a barber can help you with if you’re not feeling confident.

The Spike-Do

If you have thin hair, one of the best deflection looks is to make it look like a deliberate style choice by combing the hair into spikes on top of the head.

You don’t need to go full Mohawk – indeed, with thin hair, that’d be quite difficult – but a distinctive combed and moussed spike-do will make the thinness of the rest of your hair look like a deliberate style choice to show off the spikes.

High and Tight

The lovechild of the buzz cut and the crew cut – meet the ‘high and tight’.

Tapering upwards in a fade from short to long, it’s closer to the buzz cut in terms of overall length but still gives a decent amount of room for styling on top.

This is a great way of detracting from any receding hair and still being able to create textures that can give the illusion of thickness across thinner hair on top of the head.

The Hipster Double-Down

If you have thin hair, a stylish way of making the most of it is to shave some areas of it, so the rest looks thick by comparison to the shaved area.

And above all, it all looks entirely deliberate and stylish. There are several varieties of this look. You can go with fuzzy shaved back and sides with the shaggy bed-head gelled top. Or alternatively, try the full shaved back and high sides with an Emo droop.

Older grooms should be aware that that style can look a little ‘Gary Oldman in The Fifth Element.’ For younger grooms though, it has a certain self-determining quirkiness that can stand the test of time and wedding photos.

In all cases, a light covering of sculpted facial hair can help sell the look, mitigating notions of thin hair by multiplying the number of hair sources on display.

The Outlander

The notion of wild, windswept heroes with flowing locks is the stuff of romantic fiction, on screen in the likes of Outlander as well as in print.

If your hair is thin, there’s an option to let it grow at the back, while keeping the front relatively well trimmed. Prepare the look by regularly – if ironically – thinning out the split ends at the back.

What’s left will be a healthy, shiny shoulder length growth at the back and an exposed scalp at the front. It’s important to keep control of this style, or it runs the risk of going to the mullet side, which hasn’t pleased anyone since the 1980s.

But if you do it right, the Outlander can work spectacularly to make the most of thin hair. If you’re having a geek-heavy or cosplay wedding, so much the better.

The Mop Top

We no longer live in a world where men are expected to have short hair. So, if you prefer a longer hairstyle, but have thin hair, then the mop top could be the best option for your wedding day.

It can be worn either straight or curly, and the overall length makes it a much more acceptable style for covering receding hairlines than the dreaded comb-over!

The length can be adjusted to suit your preference too, with shabby-chic curls or a swept-fringe giving the perfect illusion of thicker hair.

The Slick Back And Fade

A more full-on evolution of the Hipster Double-Down, a good barber can give you a slick back and fade for the big day.

By fading the hair on the back and sides, and slicking back the hair at the front to a wave, you can give yourself statement height that overcomes any notion of thinness.

The volume delivered by the slicked back front wave, combined with the deliberate fading, will give you a commanding look that’s all ‘Damn,’ all day long. Turn thin hair into a statement piece and embrace the power that comes with it with the slick back and fade.

The Faux Hawk

This is one for the edgier man and completely pulls focus from any receding hairline by creating a collective patch of spikes on top of the head.

A short-to-long fade along the sides of the head gives it a nice, blended effect and also further helps to give the illusion of thicker hair on top.

Be careful not to go too crazy with the mohawk-style of this haircut though.

The top needs to be kept only to an inch or two in length to keep it looking stylish. Anything longer and you’re very much headed into punk-rock territory!


As you can see, there are loads of fantastic hairstyles available for anybody with thin hair regardless of gender or hair length. Try playing around with a few of them ahead of your big day.

This will give you enough time to decide which one you love the most, and which one will make you feel absolutely gorgeous as you place a ring on your partner’s finger.

If you’re not feeling confident enough to create any of these hairstyles yourself at home, show your hairstylist the options you’ve found here.

They’ll be more than happy to do it for you and show you how you can keep your chosen style in place once the big day comes!

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