6 Style Steals: Same-Sex Wedding Theme Ideas

1. The Greatest Showman Wedding Theme

Bring the sense of excitement, the extraordinary, the peculiar and the unique to your wedding theme a la The Greatest Showman.

Be bold, inventive and never be afraid of being different, and capture the insatiable show-biz spirit of PT Barnum using these 25 brilliant Greatest Showman inspired images as your springboard to creating an all-singing, all-dancing theatrical wedding theme to trump all others.


Transform your venue into a theatrical experience with theatrical drapes light from behind with fairy lights, hang vintage circus posters from the walls, roll out the red carpets, and spotlight tables with rainbow lighting.

Use ostrich feathers as wedding table centrepieces, serve drinks in crimson glassware, eat with gold-coloured cutlery from gold-coloured plates.

Suspend golden hoops from the ceiling at varying heights in homage trapeze artists, hang gilt-mirrors in a chill-out area, set up moving robe spotlights, platforms for dancing and hire a vintage theatre-style photo booth.

What to Wear

Continue The Greatest Showman wedding theme into your own style, and that of your guests.

We love Hugh Jackman’s velvet showman’s coat, matched with a white, high collar dress shirt, white cravat and fitted waistcoat in cream or red, and Zac Effron’s cream braces and bow tie, worn with blue or black trousers.

Accessorise with a cane. And for brides, go all out.

Celebrate the top hat and slick tailored suiting, or steal the show in sequins, corsets, feathers and pastel pinks inspired by Zendaya’s character, the trapeze artists Anne Wheeler.


PT Barnum’s shows showcased the out there and the incredible; some called it a freak show, others embraced it.

You don’t have to blow your budget to hire an imaginative entertainment act – an aerial act alone will wow your guests, but if you can afford more, why not include a living table to serve canapes or champagne from, some aerial acrobats, fire acrobats circus or living trees.

Set your playlist to loud and proud showman tunes and you’ll create a wedding no one will ever, ever forget.


Have fun with your stationery: use vintage circus backdrops to frame your invitations and wedding menus, send guests an admission ticket, display images of vintage acts as table seating cards, and a ‘which sideshow do you belong to’ wedding ceremony seating organiser.

Find out how to create atmospheric wedding lighting at your reception.

2. Steampunk Wedding Theme Ideas

White frocks and classic suits, not your style? Prefer something moodier? Dark, even?

Then step inside the world of Victorian Steampunk, where corsets and lace meet fantasy science manifested in airships, goggles and cogs. It might be more HG Wells and Tim Burton than Austen, but it’s no less romantic.

Need some inspiration for a steampunk wedding theme, try these for starters:


Whether you want an intricate updo or loose tumbling curls, look to the Victorian era for hair and makeup inspiration.

And go full scale dramatic in your attire wearing a floor-length, corseted gown or a white suit with a top hat and a gun holster!


A high-collared shirt worn with tails lends itself well to the steampunk trend, as does a casual waistcoat with a rolled up sleeved shirt. Pair with a top hat (with googles) and get really experimental with your buttoniere mixing vintage mechanical cogs with flowers and feathers.


Steampunk is a theme that really lets rip on the fun stakes. What’s more, wedding DIY opportunities are rife, meaning it can also be very easy on the wallet. Dress your ceremony and reception with a selection of vintage and mechanical finds, complemented by rich tones of russet, navy and claret, and display them in fun variants that fit the theme, like lightbulb vases.

3. Style Steals: Metallics Wedding Theme

We love a good wedding trend, especially when they shimmer.

From silvers and chromes to shiny navies, purples and pinks, this year incorporate some sheen into your wedding theme: mesmerise in metallics

Gold Metallics

Long believed to epitomise luxury, everyone loves a touch of gold. But would you dare to ring in the bling and do like Terry, with all gold?

Purple Metallics

The elusive quality of ultraviolet has been named colour of the year by Pantone, and it works fabulously in metallic…

Green Metallics

Natural greens that trip on finesse; green metallics are for the cool, calm and charismatic.

Pink Metallics

Candy pinks offer a soft romanticism unmatched by other colourways. Pair with gold for hedonistic, luxury heaven.

Silver Metallics

Up the ante of these timeless classics with fine tailoring and eye catching decor.

Navy Metallics

Navy might be considered a ‘safe’ colour, with the ability to flatter and sculpt, but add some sheen to this colour and it’s dangerous, disco and sophisticated all at the same time.

4. Black Magic: Luxury Gothic Wedding Ideas

Rich Reds

If you want a wedding that’s more Elvira than Bewitched, this one’s for you.

From tarot card tableware to gold-painted chocolate bird skull favours, use these mood boards to help you create your ultimate luxury gothic wedding; then dust it with a little bit of your own black magic.

Rustic branches interwoven with earthy moss and crimson petals look gorgeous as a centrepiece and sit well beside these easy DIY upturned glasses with lace-trimmed candles.

Glittered red riding hood toffee apples are great for a trick or treat sweets table or as wedding favours.

Glittering Greys

A wispy linen table runner and macaroons sprinkled with edible glitter are simple but incredibly effective.

For lesbian brides, up the luxe with a gorgeous brooch bouquet which you can buy pre-made or bespoke.

Patchouli Purples

Purple has long been associated with the Goth look, but it doesn’t have to mean 14-eyelet Vonda DMs and heavy piercings.

Perhaps you’d like to give a sophisticated nod to the stereotype instead?

We love this watercolour dress, gilt-style wedding stationery and blackberry drip-iced wedding cake.

Statement Blacks

If you’re contemplating dressing head to toe in black or wearing a tux be sure it stands out from conventional suits by incorporating some Gothic-style patterns.

Or go glam squad goth with black lipstick, heavy eyeliner and a killer black swan feather shrug.

Gothic Golds

Gold may not be traditionally Gothic, but when contrasted against black it adds an undeniable layer of baroque luxury.

Incorporate it into your colour scheme through lighting, table decor and gold-painted chocolate bird skull wedding favour.

Monochrome Lace

Use monochromatic colour schemes to create ethereal Gothic style.

We adore this gown by Halfpenny London, peep toe shoes from The Couture Company, and elaborate lace-iced wedding cake.

5. Style Steals: Halloween Wedding Ideas

Weddings on Halloween don’t always mean bright orange pumpkins and grisly decorations; with a little imagination you can style-up your decor with rich contrasts flecked with shimmering golds for a more up-town luxe appeal.

From invitations to centrepieces, flowers to edibles, be inspired by these mood boards of style-stealing conventional (and not-so) Halloween wedding ideas.

Oranges & Gold

Orange is such a classic Halloween colour, but too much can be overkill. Incorporate it carefully into your theme through your wedding stationery, stylish floral centrepieces and suspended features – we love the pumpkin spice tassel garland and hanging dried autumnal flowers here.

Add some extra ambience with glowing candlelight or take a classic orange pumpkin and spray it ghostly white for a clever twist on the theme…

Ghostly Whites

None of us here have ever seen a ghost, but based on Casper the Friendly Ghost (yes, we follow the gospel according to Universal Pictures) ghosts really do appear in white.

Celebrate this deathly shade with a zombie wedding cake topper, white ghost balloons and skulls embellished with white peonies.

Bone-cracking Creams

Cream pays homage to those old baggy bones; styled right, it can look wonderfully ethereal.

Try suspending some outdoor chandeliers to cast an eerie glow over your venue’s garden or woodland (if it has one), lace a string of pearls around bottles of spirits and serve favours in takeaway boxes laser cut with the message ‘’til death do us part‘.

Midnight Black

Add a sprinkling of black magic with some moody shades of black. Morticia would love these lace-covered champagne flutes and contrasting black and white popppy bouquet.

A blackboard wedding invitation and seating plans presented on tombstones go perfectly, whilst a table laid with a soft black silk tablecloth, gold baroque cutlery, black candelabras with gold candles, spray-gold pumpkins and miniature centrepieces of gerberas or roses provide an indulgent layer of luxury.

Trick or Treat Fun & Favours

And don’t forget a table display covered with fun props and favours. Sweets in broomstick bags, bottled pumpkin juice, masquerade masks and test-tube shots of blood – this is where you can really go to town!

6. Day of the Dead Wedding Theme Ideas

Elaborately painted sugar skulls and intricately cut paper-lace backdrops contrasted against a palette of bold and beautiful brights, it’s no wonder that we’re falling head over heels for the theatre and the style epitomised in Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations.

It’s a festival like no other, so how do you incorporate the magic of Muertos – the colourful celebration of lifetimes after a lifetime – into your wedding theme?

Wedding planner, Cait Duncan of an events company, Luna + Pond, shares her thoughts for Day of the Dead wedding ideas.

Viva la fiesta!

“When you’re planning your wedding around a specific festival or holiday, be respectful of its cultural significance.

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration that honours the memory of loved ones who have passed on, and many believe that the spirits of the day visit their families between 31st October and 2nd November.

Many couples raise a glass to family and friends who have passed away, so combining the colourful Day of the Dead theme is a fun way to celebrate their memory and your nuptials!”

Go Bold & Bright

“One of the things that stands out to me the most about the Day of the Dead is the bright colours: with all contrasts of black against white and colour pops of bright purple, pink, red and orange, it creates such a fun and vibrant palette to work with.

So go for it. Start by making black and white your base colours, then add bold, bright flourishes throughout, particularly in the floral elements.

“There is also a huge floral element to the holiday… I’m seeing bright flower crowns, bouquets, floral arches, etc.

Using the bright colours and floral elements of the holiday is a perfect way to soften and romanticize the more macabre motif of skulls.”


“Stationery is one of the easiest ways to incorporate the Day of the Dead theme in to your wedding. You could have an invitation that mimics Mexican papal picado (a Mexican folk art banner made from cut paper) or cute illustrations of the couple as sugar skulls.”

“Stationery is the best place to go all out on your wedding theme. I love this one, by South Africa stationery makers, SStudio Design.”

“However, if you’d prefer to not be too on the nose, you can always go with a more subtle floral motif that still reflects all those glorious Day of the Dead colours, like this one by PaperHive on Etsy.”


“For the ceremony, try to be a little more abstract and subtle, because the main focus of this part of the wedding should be on you and your vows.

To incorporate your theme, consider a fun, colourful backdrop such as a floral arch – real or paper – with matching aisle decorations that give an indication of what’s to come, but that isn’t in-your-face.”


“Incorporate a brightly colored papal picado for an additional cultural element.”

“The table decor is a perfect place to incorporate sugar skulls. I’m completely in love with this sugar skull centerpiece with bright floral spilling out.”

“You can also incorporate the sugar skulls in to the cake, guest favours, stationery and food, drink and gift displays.”

Bridal Style

“Floral crowns are perfect for this theme! These bright and oversize flower crowns look like they’re right our of a Frida Kahlo painting.”

“Another way to incorporate the cultural element would be to wear traditional Mexican textiles, or to embrace the black and contrast it with some bright floral prints or embroidery.”

“And if you’re one for detail, complement your look with some leather palpal picado-style shoes or some beautifully embellished Day of the Dead heels or pumps.”

Grooms Style

“Top hat and tails go seamlessly with this wedding theme, but dress it up with some quirky accessories – a Day of the Dead bow tie, cufflinks or even braces!”

Food and Favours

“Traditional Mexican food is always a hit at weddings – think enchiladas, beans, tortillas for your wedding breakfast, and intricately painted cookies, mini pinata cakes and showstopping wedding cakes! The colorful elements will augment the overall aesthetic perfectly.”

“The bar is a great place to incorporate some of those sugar skulls. I’m particularly fond of this sugar skull light up sign.”

“It would be so fun to come up with your own Day of the Dead themed signature cocktail!

“Sugar skull cookies are the perfect favour. They’re so pretty your guests won’t want to eat them! Or give them some lick-smacking churros. Mmm.”

“And finally, there’s the cake; it is a perfect opportunity to reflect your theme.”

Cait Duncan is a planner at Luna + Pond, a weddings and events planning company that specialises in curating spaces and occasions that represent who you are and what you love. Based in Minnesota and preferring to work with clients who think outside the box, Luna + Pond promises to create inspired, and unique celebrations.


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3. Metallics

  1. Gold
  2. Purple
  3. Green
  4. Pink
  5. Silver
  6. Navy

4. Black Magic: Gothic

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  2. Greys
  3. Purples
  4. Blacks
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  5. Golds
  6. Monochrome

5. Halloween

  1. Oranges & Golds
  2. Ghostly Whites
  3. Bone Cracking Creams
  4. Midnight Black
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  5. Trick or Treat Fun & Favours
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6. Day Of The Dead

  1. Stationery
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  3. Reception
  4. Style: Brides
  5. Style: Grooms
  6. Catering & Favours

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