Alternatives to Engagement Rings: Gift Ideas

Diamonds might be forever, but what if you don’t fancy exchanging engagement rings but want to give a gift that’s equally symbolic and sentimental? We’ve had a look at some of the best alternatives to engagement rings gifts on the market and come up with our top 10 favourites… 1. Infinity Bracelet, Tiffany Elegant in

How to Choose a Wedding Ring: Trends, Tips & More

Decisions. We hate them. But when it comes to your wedding ring, there’s a lot to consider. A band in precious metal, rose gold or platinum? A gemstone setting? What can you afford? It’s all too much. Thank goodness for Alice Walsh and Shakti Ellenwood, two professional jewellers who gave us the scoop on trends,

Stephen Einhorn: Interview

“We made a deliberate choice to make everyone feel welcome” Stephen Einhorn started off working as a model maker in film and advertising before training as a silversmith and launching his self-named business with his wife in 1995. Since then, his rings have adorned the hands of Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt, Charlie Therzon, and, of

Engagement Rings: a history

Where did the tradition of signifying your intention to marry with an engagement ring originate? And are colourful gems better than diamonds? We find out…

How to: Make an Engagement Ring

Ever wondered how an engagement ring is made? Master goldsmiths at Arlington & Co, the bespoke wedding jewellers, show you how in this video…

How to: Make a Wedding Ring

Ever wondered how a wedding ring is crafted? The master goldsmiths at Arlington & Co show us how in this fantastic ‘how to’ video…

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