If you’re getting married to a mechanic, you might be wondering what sort of wedding ring is going to be able to take on the oil and grease their hands are dealing with every day without getting easily damaged. This doesn’t have to be the case though! There are loads of wedding rings available that are tough enough to handle whatever a mechanic can throw at them, whilst retaining their original beauty and looking as good as new at the end of each busy day.

With conventional wedding bands and jewelry banned for safety reasons, there are still ways for officers of all genders and creeds to show their commitment to their loved ones with a silicone wedding band.

We’ve put together the complete guide to help mechanics find the perfect wedding band, that they can wear without fear.

If you’ve made the decision to say ‘I do’ in the open air, you need to think about making sure your wedding is weather appropriate and accessible. So what are your footwear options for an outdoor wedding?

You’ve waited months for the big day, and then another couple of weeks for the photographer to get your photos back to you – and they’re stunning. Now you want to put them up on Instagram – but you don’t know how to hashtag them to get the biggest audience for your beautiful photos.

This type of work shouldn’t prevent a nurse from being able to wear a wedding band, though. After all, there’s no real reason why anybody shouldn’t be able to show off the symbol of love they have for their significant other, regardless of their job.

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